Mentorship is more than a regular meeting—it’s building a relationship and receiving guidance. You will have a professional in your field to rely on for career support and advice. This program is free, led by you, and based on your needs.

The BCITSA Mentorship Program includes 3 streams:

Career Mentorship

You (mentee) are paired with an industry professional (mentor) for six months.  As a mentee, you will gain industry knowledge and learn techniques for an effective job search. You will also learn how to approach an employer, and to understand employer expectations. You must have clear goals, be open to advice and be willing to act on suggestions made by your mentor.

Entrepreneur Mentorship

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this program is for you. You will be matched with an experienced entrepreneur in your field. This business professional will provide you with support and guide you through the entrepreneurial process..

International Peer Mentoring

Connect with other new students and learn from a BCIT student mentor! International Peer Mentoring helps new international students transition to life at BCIT and make important social connections. In this program, each student mentor will provide guidance and support to a small group of new international students.

Career Mentorship

We accept 50 mentees for each intake:

  • September to February (application process May to July)
  • January to June (application process October to December)

You are ready for mentorship if you have practiced job search techniques, networking, and have clear goals to work on with your mentor. To be eligible for the mentorship program, you must be a current full- or part-time BCIT student in a declared program with at least a first term completed.

Important Notes:

  • Selection is subject to mentor availability
  • A mentor will not find you a job
  • Ensure you are able to meet mandatory program requirements (stated above)

Co-op students are not eligible for mentorship as our mentors are not trained to support students in this pursuit. Once a co-op is completed and the student has returned to their studies, they may be eligible to apply at that time.

  • The total length of the program is 6 months, including 1 in-person meeting per month lasting at least 1 hour. Follow up throughout the rest of the month as needed.
  • The program is mentee-driven. You take the initiative
  • You connect with your mentor and schedule meetings. You provide meeting agendas and come prepared with topics and discussion points
  • You create at least 3 SMART goals to work on over the 6 months with your mentor
  • You complete mandatory monthly progress reports on time
  1. Complete application form for January intake (Deadline is November 1, 2021)
  2. Email your resume to (if applicable)
  3. Complete the online Information Session
  4. Schedule and attend an interview

You may not be selected for the Mentorship Program. In this case, we will follow up with other Career Services that may be applicable to you. If you are at the beginning of your studies or are unsure where to begin, meet with a Career Specialist.

International Peer Mentoring

International Peer Mentoring is currently available for exchange students, study-abroad students, and international students enrolled in part- or full-time programs based in any BCIT Campus during their first term at BCIT.

This program is a partnership with the BCIT International Office International Peer Mentorship program.

To apply and learn more, visit:

Applications for the Fall 2term are accepted in late July and applications for the Winter term are accepted in late November. 

Volunteer with Us!

Are you a BCIT student currently in full-time programs? Apply to volunteer as an International Peer Mentor! It’s a unique opportunity to volunteer in a leadership role within the BCIT community and to make a real difference in the lives of new international students – all while having a lot of fun and enjoying fantastic benefits!

If you are interested in volunteering as an International Peer Mentor, please email us at




The best time to apply is when you are 1 year from graduating from your studies. You are likely active in your job and career search and ready to use the benefits of mentorship. If you are just starting out in your studies, you may not be ready to engage in job search activities.

We ask you to have at least 1 term completed and be willing to begin your career search. Make sure you can commit to adding more activities to your personal or work schedule.

Mentees bring with them at least 3 goals they want to work on with their mentors. Some samples include:

  • Expanding your knowledge on the industry
  • Improving your networking goals
  • Creating a portfolio or updating your resume and cover letter

We will ensure that you have goals in mind.

SMART goals= Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely.

No. Due to limited availability, you can take part in the program only once during your studies, even if you change programs.