Woo Your Employer Crush By:

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Humans have made astonishing advances in how we get things done, but not so much in the employment game. Resumes and cover letters have been around for ages, and employers are just as frustrated by them as job-seekers. A job candidate presented on paper is not nearly as reliable as an in-person interaction. The challenge […]

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What are you waiting for? Build Job Ready Skills & Experience Now By:

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Many ask, “how can I meet the employer’s requirements on job postings when I’m just starting out?” Build job-ready skills and get valuable transferable experience while you’re a student. That’s how. Employers pay attention to what you’ve done to prepare for your career before you graduate – they are looking for more than a degree. […]

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Happy New Year! September Resolutions By:

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Summer is over and a new year begins … a new school year, that is. For many of us, for many years, September back-to-school routines signaled new beginnings and inspired fresh starts. This phenomenon has been dubbed the Fresh Start Effect which suggests we’re keen to adopt new habits and make changes at natural transition […]

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Turn Group Project Pains Into Gains By:

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Group projects can seem like something you just have to suffer through while at school. Inevitably you are going to have to talk about your team work skills in a job application or an interview—what will you say? That when a group member was falling behind deadline you just did their work for them? Or […]

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Summer: A Hot Time for Networking! By:

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Is the beach calling? Craving a patio with a view? The lazy, hazy days of summer are here. The temptation could be to take the summer off from networking and put your career preparation activities on the back burner (of the grill, of course). However, some experts say that summertime is the ‘hottest’ time to […]

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Tips for Working with Professional Recruiters By:

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Successful job seekers tap into all the resources and strategies available to help them land their dream job.  An often-overlooked job search tactic is using professional recruitment services. Let’s take a closer look at what professional recruiters do and – more importantly, what they can do for you! What’s in a name? Recruitment agency, head […]

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Career Fairs. WHY and HOW?? By:

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Once upon a time, job fairs were something like a job vending machine. Put in your resume, shake a hand, and probably get hired on the spot. Career fairs have evolved just as much as the labour market has, and employment is a sophisticated dance that requires more finesse than ever. Why should you invest […]

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Indeed: A Bottomless Pit For Job Seekers. By:

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What resources do you use most for job search? If the answer is Indeed, or any other major online job search engine, then it probably won’t surprise you to learn that so is everyone else out there. Job search engines, which aggregate postings from company websites and all over the web, have their place as a […]

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The Hard Reality of Soft Skills By:

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Soft skills are the professional abilities that are universally sought-after by employers, regardless of industry and occupation. The most desirable employees possess technical qualifications, but also demonstrate certain job-ready traits. But what exactly does it mean to be a team player, an innovative thinker, or a proactive problem solver? It’s up to job seekers today […]

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Don’t Ask These 3 Disastrous Questions at a Career Fair By:

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Unlike the classroom, there is such a thing as a bad question in the job-seeking arena. The wrong kind of question signals to a hiring manager that you aren’t prepared, that you are only interested in finding out what’s in it for you, or worst of all, that your interpersonal skills are lacking. You don’t […]

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