Develop This Quality First, and Your Soft Skills Will Follow By:

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Employers know they can train up their employees in the hard skills needed in their industry. What they can’t teach are the soft skills like attitude, communication, and leadership. Industries across Canada frequently vocalize their challenges in recruiting top talent, and the absence of soft skills is a reoccurring theme in the past decade. Industry […]

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Thinking Differently About Gaining Experience While In School By:

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Learn by doing—that’s the BCIT way! The Career Services team agrees that hands-on learning is the best way to prepare for industry. Employers tell us they want candidates to be able to demonstrate their skills and essentially answer the question—what have you done? You’ll get a generous helping of experiential learning in your BCIT program, […]

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The #1 Student Career Mistake By:

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Experience First, Career Development Later Students make tough choices, especially when it comes to deciding where to spend their time and energy. The priority should be learning and honing skills to offer in the job market, but increasing amounts of students are hoping to get straight to work in a skilled occupation during their studies. […]

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Simba Technologies Visits BCIT By:

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Classroom learning gains relevance when learners get a chance to see the inner workings of the tech companies they might be applying their skills at in future. Like most B2B tech companies, Simba Technologies—acquired by Magnitude in 2016—has a complex array of solutions and products that are hard to absorb by a quick glance at […]

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International BCIT Grads Reflect on Their Canadian Career Success By:

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New country, new language, new school, new career! With so many new experiences and hurdles to adapt to, students need a window into what to expect. At this week’s event, a panel of International Alumni from a range of BCIT programs shared insights on what helped them make the successful leap from school to career. […]

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Woo Your Employer Crush By:

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Humans have made astonishing advances in how we get things done, but not so much in the employment game. Resumes and cover letters have been around for ages, and employers are just as frustrated by them as job-seekers. A job candidate presented on paper is not nearly as reliable as an in-person interaction. The challenge […]

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What are you waiting for? Build Job Ready Skills & Experience Now By:

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Many ask, “how can I meet the employer’s requirements on job postings when I’m just starting out?” Build job-ready skills and get valuable transferable experience while you’re a student. That’s how. Employers pay attention to what you’ve done to prepare for your career before you graduate – they are looking for more than a degree. […]

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Happy New Year! September Resolutions By:

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Summer is over and a new year begins … a new school year, that is. For many of us, for many years, September back-to-school routines signaled new beginnings and inspired fresh starts. This phenomenon has been dubbed the Fresh Start Effect which suggests we’re keen to adopt new habits and make changes at natural transition […]

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Turn Group Project Pains Into Gains By:

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Group projects can seem like something you just have to suffer through while at school. Inevitably you are going to have to talk about your team work skills in a job application or an interview—what will you say? That when a group member was falling behind deadline you just did their work for them? Or […]

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Summer: A Hot Time for Networking! By:

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Is the beach calling? Craving a patio with a view? The lazy, hazy days of summer are here. The temptation could be to take the summer off from networking and put your career preparation activities on the back burner (of the grill, of course). However, some experts say that summertime is the ‘hottest’ time to […]

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