Career Specialists offer individualized career development support. You can discuss topics such as career action plans, job search strategies, resumes, and cover letters.

Find a specialist for your BCIT school and book an appointment through Career Track. If you don’t see office hours that work with you schedule, contact your Career Specialist.

Laurie Sinott-Lee, Career Specialist
Student Development Programs

Laurie Sinnott-Lee | 604.432.8974

Tule Tran, Career Specialist
School of Business

Tule Tran | 604.456.1013 

Larry Jung, Career Specialist
School of Transportation

Larry Jung | 604.657.5945

Kim Kavanagh, Career Specialist
School of Energy, Construction, & the Environment

Kim Kavanagh | 604.431.4973

Amy Smith, Career Specialist
School of Computing & Academic Studies

Amy Smith | 604.453.4098

Joyce Lee, Career Specialist
School of Health Sciences

Joyce Lee | 604.432.8222