Peak Leadership

supported by The George Tidball Leadership Fund

The Peak Leadership program is an opportunity for students to develop professional skills and practical leadership experience. You will learn leadership skills from CEOs, VPs, and professionals, and hear about their experiences. Find your strengths in leadership to stand out in the professional world!

Speaker Sessions

Speaker Sessions help students develop their own leadership style. They watch and learn from professionals and experts. There are three leadership pillars: self, team, and communication. Peak leaders must attend a total of 3 workshops and we have 11 different sessions to choose from.

Volunteer Position

Take on a volunteer leadership role within the community or at BCIT. Examples of previous volunteer roles:

  • Club leader
  • Big sister/brother
  • Event volunteer coordinator
  • BCIT set-rep

CliftonStrengths Online Assessment

Self-reflection allows you to learn more about yourself. It leads you to profound personal growth. Completing this assessment will allow you to discover and develop your natural talents.


The Leadership Challenge is a 1-day training program that allows you to practice your leadership skills and style.


The Peak Leadership program runs from October 2020 to April 2021. We accept up to 100 current full- or part-time BCIT students in a declared program. You must have at least one term completed to be eligible for the program.


Applications open Spring 2020

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Upload Introduction Video of Paper (instructions provided after you complete the application form)

Term 1

October 2020 – January 2021

  1. Attend the virtual kickoff event (mandatory)
  2. Attend 3 speaker sessions
  3. Complete CliftonStrengths online talent assessment and self-reflection report

Term 2

January 2021 – April 2021

  1. Attend the virtual midway event (mandatory)
  2. Complete leadership in practice component
  3. Attend the virtual peak evening with leaders event (optional)
  4. Complete final self-reflection report

Student Inititative Fund (SIF)

Are you enhancing your student experiencing by furthering your professional development? If you are a full or part time student, apply once per academic year for up to $500 in funding.

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Volunteering with Student Development

Want to gain leadership experience, build confidence and improve interpersonal and communication skills?

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