Be a Mentor

As an industry professional, you (mentor) are paired with a student (mentee) in your industry for three (3) months. Share your industry experience and help your mentee understand employer expectations and job requirements. Your mentee will come prepared with clear goals and be open to your advice and feedback.


  • 1 year of experience in your current industry
  • Be available to connect with your mentee at least 1-2 hours each month for three (3) months
  • Support your mentee in meeting their career goals

5 Reasons to Be a Mentor

  • Enhance your leadership and coaching skills
  • Share your passion and expertise
  • Exchange new perspectives and fresh ideas with your mentee
  • Contribute to your mentees’ career success
  • Pay it forward: give back to community and leave a lasting impact

If you have any questions about the mentorship program, please reach out to the Program Coordinator at



Mentees will bring with them at least 3 goals they want to work on with you. This could include exploring the industry, expanding their knowledge on the industry, improving their networking skills, creating a portfolio or updating their resume and cover letter.

Your mentee is the one leading the relationship. They will be in contact with you to schedule all meetings and will include an agenda for the meeting. The two of you will decide where it’s best to meet. We suggest having a conversation about this in your first meeting. Be sure to meet somewhere that is convenient for both of you.

You could meet your mentee at a coffee shop, library, your office, or at BCIT