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BCITSA Career Services are located in the SA Centre in SE2 – 2nd floor, and at satellite campuses.

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Career Mentorship Program BECOME A MENTEE TODAY!! The BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) Mentorship Program introduces students to industry professionals in their respective fields. The mentor’s role is to help you meet your goals, give you industry tips and provide you with guidance in business etiquette. This program is a great way to get objective and […]

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Let me fill you in on what you missed at the Vancouver Regional Construction Association U40 panel last week—because it was a lot! The VRCA U40 Network is an informal communication network for young professionals (U40 stands for Under 40) in the construction industry. Three young pros headed the panel portion of the event: Alan […]

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We specialize in employment and labour market trends specific to each BCIT school. Find out which Career Specialist works with your school by visiting the Contact Us link on this website. Career Specialists help students with their career needs by providing workshops, one on one support and facilitating education-based and employer networking events. Contact them […]

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