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Visit us in person on the second floor of SE2 Building at Burnaby Campus, or reach out to us by phone or email, listed below.

BCITSA Directory

Student Executives (Board of Directors)

Name Title Email Phone
Matthew May President 604.432.8603
Alex Yushen Tian VP Finance & Administration 604.262.4755
Timothy David VP External 604.787.7165
Dominic Terrado VP Student Affairs 604.456.8162
Jae Lee VP Campus Life 604.412.7430
Tyson Sangha Chair - Aerospace Technology Campus 778.331.1700
Emilio Da Silva Satellite Councillor - Downtown Campus 604.412.7712
Inderpreet Gill Chair - School of Business 604.217.7508
Nav Bhatti Chair - School of Computing & Academic Studies 604.725.8441
Dean Tamboline Chair - School of Energy 604.839.8037
Kayla Di Bauda Chair - School of Health Sciences 604.338.5818
Justin Prasad Chair - School of Transportation, Construction & the Environment 778.835.2796
Annacis Island Councillor 778-386-1982

Student & Career Services

Name Title Email Phone
Joyce Lee Career Specialist 604.432.8222
Carol Liberalino Administrative Assistant - SA Centre 604.451.7087
Craig Woods Career Specialist 604.431.4973
Tania Loken Career Specialist 604.456.1013
Tara Mollett Student & Career Services Manager 604.456.1167
Health and Dental Administrator 604.456.8056
Alexandra Gunn Career Specialist 604.354.9558
Amanda Paterson Career Specialist 604.432.8278
Laurie Sinnott-Lee Student Development Manager 604.432.8974
Amy Smith Club Program Coordinator 778.331.1328
Andrea Soukeroff Satellite Program Coordinator 604.787.6152
Mirranda Cross Program Coordinator 604.431.4928
Hannah Bielert Health & Wellness Program Coordinator 604.432.8549
Samantha Wallin Administrative Assistant - Career Services 778.331.1307
Fax Line Health & Dental Fax Line 604.434.3809


Name Title Email Phone
Darshana Dave Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator 604.432.8416
Sara Kandathil Entrepreneurial Services Manager 604.456.1237


Name Title Email Phone
Robyn Lougheed Advocate 604.456.1161
Danielle Landeta-Gauthier Advocate 604.432.8279
Sameer Ismail Government Relations Strategist 604.451.1070


Name Title Email Phone
Sue Allan Childcare Manager 604.451.6877

Campus Print & Copy Centre

Name Title Email Phone
Tajinder Kaur Print Shop Supervisor 604.451.7039
External Print Jobs Main Email
Fax Line Campus Print & Copy Centre Fax Line 604.431.7685


Name Title Email Phone
Dan Post Publications Manager 604.451.7191


Name Title Email Phone
Julia Boswell Retail manager 604.432.8889
Geared Up Main Contact 604.432.8889
Stand Central (SE2) Main Contact 604.451.7040
Stand South (SE12) Main Contact 604.432.8527
Stand North (NE1) Main Contact 604.432.8271
Fax Line Geared Up Fax Line 604.433.3617

habitat • pub • kitchen • patio

Name Title Email Phone
Mike Neal Pub Manager 778. 839. 7020
Catering 604.431.4918
Peter To Bar Supervisor 604.431.4987
Karen Chow Kitchen Manager 604.338.3250

Marketing & Communications

Name Title Email Phone
James Foran Marketing & Communications Manager 604.432.8973
Genevieve Neugebauer Marketing & Communications Strategist 778.839.2042
Trina Prince Event Manager 604.432.8413
Andrea Carl Account Coordinator 604.453.4072
Michael Berg Marketing & Communications Strategist 778.839.7024
Ean Goquingco Senior Strategist 604.456.1168


Name Title Email Phone
Caroline Gagnon Executive Director 604.432.8602
Roland Gagel Controller 604.432.8601
Bev Dosen Administrative Assistant 604.432.8600
Anna Bratslavskaya Accounting Supervisor 604.432.8335
Natalya Gabuzyan Accounting Assistant 604.432.8252
Simer Saroya Accounting Assistant 604.456.1275
Christine Edwards Human Resources Manager 604.432.8245
Justin Bargiacchi Human Resources Coordinator 604.432.8967
Darla Williscroft Administrative Coordinator 604.456.8130
Fax Line BCITSA Main Fax Line 604.431.7685