information, advice, intervention and referrals.

Here to provide confidential, unbiased services to current, former, or prospective BCIT students, and other membersof the BCIT community


What is the Advocate?

The BCIT Student Association Advocate provides confidential, unbiased services to current, former, or prospective BCIT students, and other members of the BCIT community, by providing information, advice, intervention and referrals. The Advocate also champions procedural fairness for all BCIT students and seeks to educate the BCIT community at large in regards to accurate policy and procedure implementation, effective communication, and informal dispute resolution.

The Advocate provides information and guidance on students’ rights and responsibilities, as well as BCIT regulations, policies and procedures. The Advocate may also make recommendations, where appropriate, for changes to BCIT policies and procedures, and to promote discussion on institution-wide concerns. The Advocate will review all situations in an impartial manner, and will strive to help students become their own advocates by providing them with information or advice about regulations, policies and procedures, and strategies for constructive ways to raise and resolve issues. The Advocacy office seeks to empower students to resolve their own issues with support, and so encourages students to speak for themselves. The Advocate will only speak on behalf of a student under extenuating circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis. Please note that the Advocate has the right to refuse service, at the discretion of the office.

All dealings with the BCIT Student Association Advocate are deemed to be confidential, and may only be revealed on a “need to know” basis, and with the written consent of the student.

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Ask the Advocate

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Advocate Responses

Question 5

If your instructor misled you by saying they would help you in exchange for money, and the student agreed, but did not get anything in return, what should the student do? Should the student accept the loss of money or are there options to ensure this doesn’t happen with another student?

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Question 4

In September 2016, I applied for a course exemption and was approved. The course I took that was similar to BCIT’s course was known as APSC 201 (at UBC).

Winter 2017 comes along and I see I am taking another course that has a very similar curriculum to the APSC 201 course, so I applied for a course exemption again, using the same course.

A few of my classmates took APSC 201 at UBC as well, and they were approved for the exemption from this course. Unfortunately, my application was denied due to:

“Your APSCI 201 course was used for course exemption for COMM 1116 so it can’t be used again for a second course.”

What are my options if I do not agree with the Program Head’s decision as I believe they are acting outside of policy?

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Question 3

I think my instructor is unfair and is treating me differently from other students, What can I do?

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Question 2:

I have been told that I am failing my course due to too many absences. Is this fair?

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