We at the BCIT Student Association are very excited to organize and host a diverse range of events for students across all five campuses. From free food, opportunities to connect with your future employer, tools to start your own business, and continuous activities to help with your well-being, we are always striving to provide events that will help enhance your student experience.

See something that is missing? Email us at: events@bcitsa.ca

Want to get involved, but unsure how much time you can commit? The BCITSA Event Team runs an accessible Volunteer Program that works for your schedule. Just email us to let us know that you are interested, and we will contact you whenever an opportunity pops up. There are about ten opportunities each year. If you are available, you can sign up to volunteer for that specific ask; if you aren’t, there is no obligation. It’s an excellent opportunity to build your volunteer portfolio, support the BCIT community, and meet new people.

Email us at events@bcitsa.ca

Our Advocacy, Wellness, and Events team host the following workshops by request. Reach out to one of the contacts below to request a workshop for your classroom.


Advocacy 101

This workshop is ideally offered at the beginning of the term, within the first week of classes. We can inform your class about our services, as well as how students can advocate for themselves. If time allows, we can also include information about conflict resolution and effective communication.

Length: 15min
Contact: advocacy@bcitsa.ca


Gender & Sexuality

This workshop is for anyone open and willing to learn about gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, and sex. Attendees will learn about gender pronouns, gender unicorn, and breaking down the barriers created by the binary that society uses to define gender. We strive to provide a safer space to learn and hope that you will walk away with a better understanding of how to respect all people.

Length: 1 hour
Contact: advocacy@bcitsa.ca


Conflict Resolution

Conflict will inevitably come up in our lives; how we respond to it can make all the difference. In this session, participants will learn about different forms of conflict, and how to communicate their wants and needs to others effectively through boundary setting, active listening, and empathetic communication.

Length: 1 hour
Contact: advocacy@bcitsa.ca


Consent Culture

In this two-hour workshop, we explore the different forms of sexual violence, consent, and the concept of rape culture. By engaging in activities and discussions, we will unpack myths about sexualized violence and learn about consent in our relationships in a safe(r) and sex-positive space.

Length: 2 hours
Contact: advocacy@bcitsa.ca