Nap Room

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BCIT Nap Room

The BCIT Student Association in collaboration with BCIT Recreation Services are excited to announce that they are launching a nap room on campus beginning January 11th, 2016. This initiative was created in an effort to contribute to our Health & Wellness programming. A short  30—40 minute nap can significantly improve mental health and focus.

Room Details:

  • The nap room is located in SE16 – 184; a multipurpose racquetball court
  • Ten (10) beds
  • Fifty (50) nap slots available per day
  • Pillows will not be provided
  • Blankets will not be provided

Book your nap time by clicking here

Nap Room Guidelines

Please review these rules before entering the room

Need to Know

  • The nap room is for students only
  • You MUST have previously booked a nap time slot at prior to entering the nap room
  • The nap room will be available for usage on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10:30am – 4:30pm.
  • You should only enter the room when a slot is due to start
  • Naps are intended to be no long than 40 minutes in length
  • The ten (10) minutes before and after your nap are designated for set— and clean up
  • We ask that you set a vibrate alarm on your phone — all students are expected to exit the room by the time their 60 minute booking is over
  • Students are encouraged to put all personal belongings into a designated locker inside the nap room prior to napping — BCIT and the BCIT Student Association will NOT be responsible for any stolen or lost items
  • In consideration of others, all noise is prohibited inside the nap room
  • Cellphone conversations are prohibited and students are asked to silence their cellphones
  • Beds are not allowed to be pushed together and inappropriate behaviours and sexual misconduct will not be tolerated — no cuddling either!
  • After use, students are required to wipe down their vinyl cots with the sanitizer provided and put their used pillow case in the designated bin before exiting
  • Students are limited to one nap booking per day and one per week to start
  • If you exceed your four allotted study room bookings per week, please visit the Library in SE 14

bcit and bcitsa nap room logo

Students who use the nap room are expected to abide by these rules and BCIT policies. Breaching those policies may result in sending the student to Judicial Affairs or Safety and Security which could result in expulsion from their program.

Download the Nap Room Guidelines Here