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Peer Tutoring

The Student Association’s One-to-One Program is designed to help you succeed in your studies at BCIT. Having problems with a course? Putting in the effort but not getting the results? We have friendly and knowledgeable private tutoring available to both full-time and part-time students. Please note that tutoring sessions are available for $18.00 per hour at a variety of locations.   For FREE drop-in tutoring check out:

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How do I sign up?

We offer an online booking tool for your convenience. Alternatively, you may visit the Student Association Centre in SE2, or contact us at (or 604-451-7087) for assistance in booking or for additional information.

Who are the peer tutors?

BCIT and BCITSA hires your fellow students at BCIT, whom have achieved superior grades in their previous terms, and who understand the pressures and challenges of being a BCIT student.

What can peer tutors do?

  • Review concepts
  • Assist in applying those concepts to questions similar to those addressed in class
  • Offer immediate feedback
  • Direct you to other academic resources, including your course instructor, when appropriate

What do I bring to my tutoring session?

  • Any specific questions that you want to work on
  • Any relevant textbooks, notes etc.
  • BCIT student ID

What a BCIT peer tutor can do:

  • Review concepts
  • Assist in applying concepts to questions similar to those done in class
  • Offer immediate feedback

To make the most of your time together, we recommend before your session together:

  • Review all course material
  • Try all homework problems and complete what you can on your own
  • Identify parts of a topic you understand and parts you don’t understand
  • Identify the course material that you want to work on with a tutor
  • Prepare questions for your tutor

What a BCIT peer tutor won’t do:

  • Help you complete an assignment that will be graded
  • Tell you what will be on an exam

Awards & Bursaries

The BCITSA, as a registered charity, can accept donations (either cash or gifts-in-kind) from individuals and/or companies. We are always looking for prizing and giveaways at our events. Additionally, the BCITSA works on a number of initiatives that help us invest in our students members annually.

Student Initiative Fund

Apply now to get up to $500 in professional development funds. Funding is available to initiatives that focus on professional development such as, but not limited to public speaking, conferences, leadership training etc. The deadline to apply is April 21st, 2017. To find out more information or to fill out an application Click Here.

Laurie Jack Award

Laurie Jack was President of the BCITSA from 1971 – 1927. Tragically, he died in an airplane crash in 1975. Together, his parents and the BCITSA have sponsored two (2) annual awards of $500 in his honour. These awards are given to two (2) students in their graduating year who have contributed to life at BCIT, and who have been nominated by another BCIT community member (staff, faculty, or student).

The deadline for this award is Friday, April 28th, 2017 @ 4:00pm.

You can get your application package for the Laurie Jack Award by Clicking Here.

The Distinguished Representative Award

Classroom representatives are eligible to apply for the Distinguished Representative Award. The award will be given to a deserving representative that has gone above and beyond their duties. Each school will give out one award of $500 per year to selected representatives. This years deadline to apply for this award is Friday April 21st, 2017 @ 4:00pm You can download your application package for the Distinguished Representative Award by Clicking Here.

The Silver Pen Award

The Silver Pen Award is presented annually to the student contributor, staff member, or volunteer at LINK Magazine whose writing demonstrated the highest level of quality and community impact throughout the year.

BCITSA Donations Policy governs the solicitation, acceptance and stewardship of all donations to BCITSA and BCITSA Student Clubs. Its purpose is to ensure that all facets of BCITSA remain compliant with the Income Tax Act and Revenue Canada-established practices and standards.

Contemplation & Ablution Room

The SA is pleased to be able to offer a location in SE2 for students to take pause from their busy student life for a few moments of contemplation and reflection. This multidenominational space offers an ablution room with a private entrance, and hosts regular prayer sessions for the various faiths of our students. This space is not intended as a place to study or nap, and students are asked to respect this room for its original intention. The room is generally available on a first-come, first-served basis, however there is an opportunity to book the space for a designated prayer time. Please speak with reception for these types of inquiries. The schedule of use is posted on walls beside the entrances. The room in located adjacent to the foyer on the third floor of The SA Building (SE2).

International Mentorship Program

The International Mentorship program is a program that connects BCIT students with international exchange students in a 1-1 match to assist with their transition to BCIT and to help enhance student life through cultural diversity and inclusivity.

We will have 2 intakes, one in the fall semester commencing in September (4 month match) and one in the winter semester commencing in January (4 month match).
Please note that at this time the International Mentorship Program is for School of Business students only.

Winter Semester Schedule:

Mentor Training – November 23th, 2016
Winter Welcome Event (mandatory) – January 06, 2017
Community & Cultural Activities – February 10, 2017, March 8, 2017 and April 21, 2017

International Mentors

Once mentors are matched with their international exchange student, mentors will be e-introduced correspond with their international mentee via email prior to their arrival. Upon arrival the mentor will meet with their mentee in person during their first week in Canada.

Mentors are trained to respond to routine questions, e.g. housing, BCIT community, buying textbooks and getting around Vancouver. Mentor commitment involves continued communication with the new student through email and monthly meet-ups. See the volunteer job description for mandatory requirements.

Mandatory mentor training will take place during the first month of the semester and will include topics on:

Culture shock
Health & Safety
BCIT Resources
Mental Health
Crisis Intervention

If you are interested in being an International Mentor please review the Job Description (PDF) and apply here.

International Mentees

We are excited to welcome you to BCIT and to Canada. To make your transition to BCIT easier we have student mentors who will:

Share their BCIT experience with you
Answer questions about housing, BCIT community, buying textbooks and getting around Vancouver.
Introduce you to their classmates
Check in with you throughout the semester
Invite you to events
Introduce you to Canadian culture, holidays and celebrations

Request a mentor by completing this application.

For more information or questions please contact Mirranda Cross, Student Development Coordinator at

Immigration Services

The BCITSA Immigration Services provides a unique service to all BCIT students, staff and alumni. On behalf of our clients, we deliver immigration council, consultation and representation in a timely, professional manner. Examples of our services include:

  • Selecting the best immigration stream that is right for you.
  • Completing and submitting immigration forms in a timely manner.
  • Communicating with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).
  • Representing clients during immigration hearings, proceedings, applications and appeals.
  • Providing status up-dates during applications

Who can use these services?

This service is open to all full-time/part-time BCIT students, staff and alumni including International Students, Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Why work with us?

With a broad background in Canadian Immigration Law and an extensive understanding of the Canadian immigration system, BCITSA Immigration Services is committed to serving you in a timely, professional manner.

We are required to abide by stringent, ethical and professional rules that are designed to protect our clients while in Canada. We meet all necessary ICCRC standards and qualifications and maintain membership with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.


We will tailor our services to meet all your immigration needs. Call, email or drop in to see us today for a free initial quote. We can meet you at any BCIT campus.

Phone: 604-719-8930
Hours: 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday
Career & Student Resource Centre, Burnaby Campus SE2

Pricing Guidelines

Immigration Consultation $100/hour
Off Campus , co/op and Internship Permit $250
Student Visa Extension $250
Post Graduate Work Application $250
Temporary Resident Visas (for example, for families to visit students) $250
Family Sponsorship Class $1465
Work Permit Based on the LMIA $615
Canadian Experience Class $1215
Refugee Hearing $1315
Provincial Nominees $1215
Nannies / Live-in Care Givers $765
Citizenship $465
Federal Skilled Workers $1215

Kindly contact our office for pricing guidelines for other programs

*Provincial & Federal sales taxes are not included

Study Abroad/International Field School

International Programs

The international programs offered by the BCIT School of Business help domestic and foreign students and faculty gain a global perspective by incorporating first-hand knowledge of the larger world. They gain specific knowledge of the economy, culture, government, and everyday life of the country where they study or teach.

Globalization is key in today’s business world. Tomorrow’s leaders will be expected to speak multiple languages, work in foreign countries, and bridge cultural differences to achieve social, economic, and political objectives. The international programs available through the School of Business help students and faculty take the first step on the path to becoming global citizens.


Full time and part time Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Technology in Accounting degree students and Global Business Studies certificate students are eligible to spend a semester on exchange at a partner university in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and Korea

How to Apply

Students interested in applying for a semester at a partner institute should email SOB International office at the following information by the appropriate deadline:

Application deadlines for the exchange are as follows:

  • Fall Semester (September – December) – March 1
  • Winter/Spring Semester (January to May) – September 30

Scholarships and student aid are available for students going on a semester or summer international exchanges. Students can apply to student aid and for various scholarships to assist with tuition and expenses. Visit the BCIT School of Business International Education page for more information on these programs.


European Field School

The BCIT School of Business European Field School expands applied learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom , providing an enriching academic and cultural experience. The European Field School offers you the possibility to attend intensive courses held by instructors from BCIT and international guest speakers abroad.

By attending the Field School you’ll have the opportunity to receive credits for academic courses, to learn about European business practices by visiting international companies, and ultimately, to be fully immersed in the local culture. You’ll visit cities, have guided tours, activities, sports, and interaction with locals. All of the events will be scheduled by the Field School program. Visit the International Field School page for more information.