Mentorship Program

Mentoring is not just teaching or counselling – it involves fostering a Mentee’s relationship with a person of experience and helping them prepare for the future. The BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) Mentorship Program includes three (3) streams: Career Mentorship, Entrepreneurial Mentorship and International Mentorship (for international students). 

The BCITSA Mentorship program includes three (3) streams. The Career and Entrepreneurial streams are six (6) month one-to-one matches that pair BCIT students with industry professionals. The International Mentorship stream pairs BCIT students (mentors) with international exchange students from the School of Business (mentees) for one (1) semester.

Career Mentorship Stream

BCIT students are matched with industry professionals in their field to get insights, guidance and support in career development and work-life balance, while preparing for the work world after graduation.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship Stream

BCIT students and recent alumni who are new or aspiring entrepreneurs are matched with experienced entrepreneurs in industry that provide them with support, act as sounding boards and share experiences that guide them through the entrepreneurial process.

International Mentorship Stream

BCIT students take on the role of mentors for international exchange students (mentees) and assist them in their transition to BCIT and Canada and enhance student life through cultural diversity and inclusivity.

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Thanks for this opportunity, I can honestly say having my mentor was one of the best parts of my time at BCIT. — TK

The mentorship program really enriched my busy school life and also learned the real experience that I could not experience from my school work — Penny

I’ve had a great time participating in the mentorship program. It was really valuable to have someone in—industry who understands the demands that BCIT has, all while knowing what it’s like to transition into the workplace once school has finished — Vienna