Mentorship Program

Mentoring is not just teaching or counseling – it involves fostering a mentee’s relationship with a person of experience and helping them prepare for the future. The BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) provides mentorship in Career Services, Entrepreneurial Services and for International Students.

Mentorship Intake Times

Our Mentorship Program has two (2) intakes: November & February

September 2017 applications are now being accepted.

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The Mentorship Program

The BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) Mentorship Program introduces students to industry professionals in their respective fields. The mentor’s role is to help you meet your goals, give you industry tips and provide you with guidance in business etiquette. This program is a great way to get objective and unvarnished advice.

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Mentee:

  • Explore your industry
  • Transition smoothly to the world of work
  • Gain valuable advice
  • Gain tools to overcome challenges in your career
  • Enhance

Program Requirements

  • Attend a two (2) hour training session
  • Be committed to a six (6) month mentoring relationship
  • Meet your mentor two (2) hours each month (one of these hours is face—to—face)
  • Complete and submit a SMART Goal Setting worksheet
  • Attend on of our “How to be a Goal Digger” — SMART Goal Setting workshops
  • Submit monthly summary of what you achieved

Informational Interviews

Meet an Industry Professional Today!

Want to get connected with an industry professional? Apply to be matched with a professional for an Informational Interview click here.

Typically Informational Interviews are a one—time 20–30 minute meeting where you can get any of your career related questions answered.

For more information about what questions to ask during your Informational Interview click here.

Please note that Informational Interviews cannot be guaranteed due to the high volume of interest and diverse industries. You w8ill only be contacted if we are able to find you an appropriate match!

Your next step is to complete the short questionnaire so we can have a better understanding of what you are looking for. Take the questionnaire here.

Please visit the Student Association Centre in SE2 room 286 or email for more information on Informational Interviews and how they can help you with your career.


Thanks for this opportunity, I can honestly say having my mentor was one of the best parts of my time at BCIT.— TK

The mentorship program really enriched my busy school life and also learned the real experience that I could not experience from my school work — Penny

I’ve had a great time participating in the mentorship program. It was really valuable to have someone in—industry who understands the demands that BCIT has, all while knowing what it’s like to transition into the work place once school has finished — Vienna