Peer Tutoring

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Having problems with a course? Putting in the effort but not getting the results? BCITSA offers Peer Tutoring  where you can meet a private tutor for one-to-one  help. We have friendly and knowledgeable trained  tutors available to both full-time and part-time BCIT students. Please note that we only service current BCIT Students only.  1-1 Peer Tutoring sessions are available for $18.00 per hour.

We encourage all students to go to FREE drop-in tutoring before making their appointment; check out the free drop in tutoring schedule at the Learning Commons.

Book an Appointment

How do I sign Up?

Sign up for an appointment through our online booking system. You can visit the Student Association Centre in SE02 or contact us at for assistance in booking or for additional information.

Who are the peer tutors?

Peer tutors are BCIT students, who have achieved high academic standing and received a recommendation from an instructor stating the student has a strong understanding of the course material. They also understand the pressure and challenges of being a BCIT student and are trained to assist students in course material as well as study tips and problem solving.

What Can Peer Tutors Do?

Review concepts
Assist in applying concepts to questions similar to those addressed in class
Offer immediate feedback
Direct you to other academic resources, including your course instructor, when appropriate

What a Peer Tutor Will Not Do

Help you complete an assignment
Tell you what will be on an exam

What To Bring to a Session

Any specific questions that you want to work on
Any relevant textbooks, notes etc.
BCIT student ID

What To Do Before a Session

Review all course material
Try all homework problems and complete what you can on your own
Identify parts of a topic you understand and parts you don’t understand
Identify the course material that you want to work on with a tutor
Prepare questions for your tutor