Peak Leadership

Define and Explore Your Own Style of Leadership!

Supported by the George Tidball Leadership Fund.

Peak Leadership is a FREE extra-curricular program designed to give BCIT students the opportunity to learn leadership and professional development through professional sessions, practical leadership experience, and self-discovery.

Please contact the Student Development Manager at to learn more or drop by the BCIT Student Association Centre in SE2

Peak Leadership Application Deadline
Friday, September 27, 2019 @ 12:00 pm Noon
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What is Involved?

The program is designed to be flexible to accommodate a student’s busy schedule and runs from October 2019 to April 2020. The Program is split into two terms:

  • Attend the Kickoff event in October 2019 (mandatory)
  • Attend three (3) speaker sessions (have a choice from eleven (11) different sessions)
  • Complete CliftonStrengths online talent assessment (formerly known as StrengthsQuest) and self-reflection report

  • Attend the midway event in January 2020 (mandatory)
  • Practice leadership through either attending the Leadership Challenge or through a Leadership Focused Volunteer Position and a self-reflection report
  • Attend Peak Evening with Leaders event in January 2020 (optional)

Why Join the Program?

  • Attend sessions that are given by CEOs, VPs and professional coaches to learn from their leadership experience
  • Practice in the Leadership Challenge and gain hands-on, practical leadership skills
  • Find your strengths in leadership and leverage them to stand out in the professional world
  • Increase your employability and expand your network
  • Receive a statement of completion

Who can join?

Current Full-time or Part-time Studies BCIT Students. We accept 100 students into the program each year

Application Process

  • Completion of application form (deadline to apply is September 27, 2019)
  • Schedule and attend a group interview

Frequently Asked Questions

The Speaker Sessions provide an opportunity to learn from professionals and experts and develop your own leadership style. Peak Leaders must attend a total of three workshops, one from each of the three leadership pillars – self, team, and communication. We hare 11 different sessions to choose from. This year’s sessions include:

  • Self
    • Are We All Born Leaders? Vanessa McCormick, Executive Director with VLM Solutions Services and BCIT PTS Instructor
    • Authentic Leadership: A Holistic Feelings-Based Approach. Ann Marie McKenzie, Transformation Guide + Desire Map Facilitator
    • Leading with Values. Jennifer Curleigh, Leadership Coach with Spark Creation
    • Mental Health & Self Care. Andrea Wilder, Health & Wellness Manager with BCIT Student Association
  • Communication
    • Do You Hear Me? Alex Ku, Director of Laboratory Operations with Lower Mainland Laboratories
    • Ask and You Shall Receive. Alex Ku, Director of Laboratory Operations with Lower Mainland Laboratories
    • Understanding You: Looking on the Inside of Oneself. Trina Prince, Event Manager with BCIT Student Association
    • Don’t Wait for the Title – Leadership from Every Position. Tiffany Elsener, Founder of NorthWild Leadership
  • Teams
    • Intercultural Skills for Teams. Todd Odgers, Associate Dean with BCIT International
    • Strengths-Based Teams. Nicole Bergman, Training and Development Consultant with Engaged Lifestyle Solutions
    • Trust and Accountability in Teams. Tim Reitsma, Culture Creator with SPARK Creations

Sessions are typically 1.5-2 hours long and they are offered on Wednesday afternoons, weekday evenings, or Saturday (during the day)

Self-reflection allows you to learn more about yourself and can lead to profound personal growth. Peak Leaders are provided with the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment. Completing this assessment is your way to:

  • Discover what you naturally do best
  • Learn how to develop your greatest talents
  • Use your customized results to live your best life

You will be given your “top five” most dominant themes of talent (skills). This will allow you to maximize the talents that lead to your successes. You will be able to identify your talents, build them into strengths, leverage them in a leadership role and enjoy personal and career success through consistent performance.

It is a 1-day training program that allows you to practice your leadership skills and style by leading a group through an activity.

This option is one in which you will find a volunteer leadership role within the community or at BCIT. Some examples of previous volunteer roles that students have chosen are a leader in a club on campus, big sister/brother, volunteer coordinator for an event, BCIT Set-Rep, etc. There needs to be leadership qualities in your volunteer position.

This is an optional component of the program, where you will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders in the community. Mini informational interviews will be done in small groups of 3-4 students each. Industry leaders will vary.

Peak Leadership Guide 2019-2020