Peak Leadership

Define and Explore Your Own Leadership!

Supported by the George Tidball Leadership Fund and the Keg Spirit Foundation.

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Peak Leadership is a FREE extra-curricular program designed to give BCIT students the opportunity to learn leadership and professional development through professional sessions, practical leadership experience and self-discovery.

Applications are now CLOSED for the Peak Leadership program.

Stay tuned for more information about our Leadership Conference open to the BCIT Community coming SPRING 2018. Register on Career Track to be the first to know about our upcoming leadership initiatives.

Please contact the Student Development Specialist at to learn more, or drop by the BCIT Student Association Centre in SE2.

What is Involved?

The program is designed to be flexible to accommodate a student’s busy schedule and runs from October 2017 to April 2018. There are three modules in this program that must be completed and they are split into two terms.

In Term 1 (October 2017 to January 2018), Peak Leaders must attend three speaker workshops and complete a self-reflection exercise.

In Term 2 (February to April 2018), Peak Leaders will practice leadership in the Leadership Challenge, conduct an informational interview with a leader in their community, and write a reflection report.

Click here to see the outline for the program. This program requires that you are committed to completing ALL components of the program.

Who Can Join?

Full—time or Part—time Studies BCIT students
We accept 100 students into the program each year.

Why Join program?

Attend sessions that are given by CEOs, VPs and professional coaches to learn from their leadership experience

Participate in the Leadership Challenge and gain hands-on, practical leadership skills

Find your strengths in leadership and leverage them to stand out in the professional world

Increase your employability and expand your network

Receive a certificate signed by the BCIT President and a reference letter on request

BCITSA’s Peak Leadership program is supported by the George Tidball Leadership Fund and the Keg Spirit Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Speaker Sessions component?

The Speaker Sessions provide an opportunity to learn from professionals and experts and develop your own leadership style. Peak Leaders must attend a total of three workshops from three leadership pillars – self, team, and communication. Sessions are typically 1.5 to 2 hours long.

What is the Self-Reflection component?

Self-reflection allows you to learn more about yourself and can lead to profound personal growth. Peak Leaders can choose from reading a leadership book and writing a report; completing a self-reflection workbook; or completing a strengths assessment quiz and writing a report.

What is the Leadership in Practice component?

Leadership in Practice consists of the Leadership Challenge, Informational Interview, and a Reflection Report. The Leadership Challenge is a one-day event that runs for five hours and allows you to practice your leadership skills and style by leading a group through scenarios. Peak Leaders will also be conducting informational interviews with a leader in their community. They will gather their experiences from both the Leadership Challenge and Informational Interviews and write a reflection report.

Student Testimonials

Life is about learning and Peak Leadership opened the world of leadership to me. There is no perfect leader and each individual has their own unique style. Peak Leadership has give me an amazing foundation for leadership and helped me create and grow my own business. I would not be where I am today without the skills I learned in Peak — Brad Johnson

The Peak Leadership opportunity for me, above all, was an opportunity to meet people that I never would have met otherwise. The program introduced me to many opportunities personally, and professionally to continue my development. Fellow leaders and BCIT staff, as well as the talented line up of speakers were all instrumental to my enjoyment and success this year. Being involved in the Peak Leadership program was the best experience in my first year at BCIT. — Emily Pollock

When I came to BCIT, I felt that I needed to build on my self-confidence and professionalism before I entered the workforce. I figured that if I surrounded myself with other prospective leaders, I would have a fun outlet to learn and grow as a leader – which is exactly what I did during the Peak Leadership program. I have learned a lot about myself and from the people that I have met through the program. This program has provided me with all of the support and resources necessary to continue towards my leadership growth and development; I would recommend it for any person seeking that leader from within. — Judy Nguyen

PEAK helped me design and build a framework for personal leadership within my set. It was a launch pad for more advanced leadership skills. I benefited from the outside of the box thinking that Peak workshops promote. — Joseph Hou, Computing

To learn to be a leader, you must fine-tune yourself and gain the tools for success. Through goal setting, learning from other leaders and networking with my peers in Peak Leadership I attained the tools to become a great leader. This program is definitely one of my best experiences in first year! I recommend it to anyone that want to take on a more integrative role in BCIT. — Yasmin Alami, Financial Management

Peak Leadership provided insights into various leadership styles through small-group, intense workshops with business executives. I was able to learn different leadership tactics which have been applicable in my life in many different ways. I would highly recommend the program to anyone. — Alan Bakuska, Accounting