Onsite Services


Healthy Smile is CLOSED until April 6, 2020

On-Site Dental Hygienist


Its Covered Under Your Healthcare Plan!

If you’re on the BCIT Student Health & Dental Plan then come and get your teeth cleaned right here in the Student Association Centre in SE2, and bring a perfect smile to your job interview or presentation.

Healthy Smile offers on-site hygienist as well as dental services. Sign up online (see link below), or at the Student Association Centre to ensure you don’t miss out!


Kelsey Leung
Student Health Plan Administrator
604. 456. 8056   |   healthplan@bcitsa.ca

Policy Information

Claims Inquiries: 1.800.957.9777
Insurance Provider: Great-West Life
Plan Number: 330828
Policy Number: BCIT Student ID (substitute the letter “A” with “0”)