Health & Dental Plan FAQ’s

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ALL NEW STUDENTS have an 8 WEEK WAITING PERIOD before they can use their benefits card or send in any receipts to Great West Life (the carrier). However, you can use all of your services starting on the first day of the month of your start date. You will simply have to pay yourself and hang on to the receipts then submit your receipts after the waiting period.

IMPORTANT – The 30 day deadline for opting out is non-negotiable so don’t be late! Any eligible student who fails to opt-out within this deadline will not be refunded the health plan fee assessed with tuition, and will be enrolled in the plan.

To Opt Out… you can submit an application online at by finding the ‘waiver’ form under the ‘Opt-out/enroll’ banner.

You can also bring the form to the BCITSA Health & Dental office in SE2, along with proof of comparable coverage, to proceed with the ‘opt-out’.

Below is a list of the commonly asked questions student have regarding their Student Health & Dental Plan.

Am I Covered Under the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan?

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in an applicable full-time program of 16 weeks or longer. It is your responsibility to know when your coverage starts and ends. You are able to check this at under your registration fees. It is also mandatory for you to have basic medical coverage such as a BC Care Card (MSP/Services Card/Personal Health Number), Student Guard (Guard Me) or comparable coverage for your country or province of origin.

What is MSP?

MSP stands for Medical Services Plan of British Columbia. After receiving your Personal Health Number (Services Card/Care Card), you qualify for basic medical coverage that includes doctor’s appointments, medical tests, hospital stays, etc. It is your responsibility to be in good standing with your MSP as the BCITSA Student Health Plan does not cover this expense for you

What is Pharmacare and why do i need to sign up for it to get my benefits card?

Fair Pharmacare is a prescription assistance program set up by the BC Government to help with the cost of prescriptions. By signing up, you are getting better prescription coverage and are ultimately helping decrease the cost of the plan.

To learn more visit the BC Ministry of Health Pharmacare page.

As an international student, am I eligible for coverage?

YES! You are covered under then plan as long as you fill the eligibility criteria and have basic medical coverage. If you don’t have basic coverage, you can purchase Student Guard (Guard Me) through the International Student Office and/or sign up for MSP within three (3) months of moving to BC. To pick up your benefits card, please show your study permit with your basic medical insurance at the BCITSA Health & Dental Office.

As a part-time student, am i eligible for coverage?

Part-time students and students in full-time programs less than 16 weeks are not eligible for the BCITSA Health & Dental Plan. If you enroll in a full-time applicable program in the future, you will automatically be on the plan when you are assessed in your registration fees.

To purchase interim optional coverage please refer to the following link:

What does the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan cover?

The plan covers:

Prescription Drugs;
Dental Coverage (up to $750 per benefit year);
Optical (including $150 towards eye glasses or contact lenses every 24 months);
Allied Health Professionals (Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Psychologist and more);
Medical equipment (Orthotics, Braces & more);
Travel insurance;
Ambulance coverage;

For a complete list of covered expenses and amounts          Click Here

Download the travel insurance booklet          Click Here

How Do I Use It?

Our insurance provider is Great West Life, who will receive and process your claims.

IMPORTANT – There is an 8 week validation period from the start date of your program at BCIT where you will not be able to submit claims. Hold onto the original copies of your receipts and submit them after the validation period has finished to Great West Life.

It is easy to make a claim! You can submit electronically to our provider Great West Life by going through OR you can download the hard copy form from the same web address.

There is even a mobile app to make claims with Great West Life GroupNet! GroupNet is free to download on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry mobile device.

Click the logos below to be taken to the relevant app store

link to GroupNet on google play           link to GroupNet on apple app store

To register for your electronic claims you will need the following:

Your plan number is 330828

Your policy number is your BCIT Student ID; substitute the letter “A” with a zero.

Where can i use my BCITSA Student Health & Dental plan benefits card?

You can use myBenefits card at any pharmacy or dental office that uses electronic billing and your percentage of reimbursement will be taken off at source. The Extended Health and Optical coverage generally does not use the benefit card and you usually have to pay up front for these services and go through a receipt process, however, always ask if you can use your card.

How do I get my BCITSA student health & dental plan benefits card?

The myBenefits card is an important piece of identification that will ease access to your benefits. All eligible students can complete the myBenefits card registration form. This multi-purpose card provides your policy information for submission of claims at both the Pharmacy and the Dental Office.

To obtain your myBenefits card you must first register for BC Fair Pharmacare.

You have several options for applying for your Benefit Card. Once you establish that you are eligible, download the form here or pick up at the BCITSA Health & Dental office and:

Scan and email it to

Drop in to the BCITSA Health & Dental plan office at Rm. 286 — Student Association Centre, second floor of the SE2 building, 3700 Willingdon Ave. Burnaby, BC with your picture ID and the completed form

You can also apply online here

Students are able to pick up their myBenefits card at any time during their benefit year. It usually takes about 48 hours to process a benefit card application in person, by email or online. myBenefits card for mail out are subject to Canada Post time frames.

NOTE: You will need to register for ‘BC Fair Pharmacare’ to receive your Benefit Card. To find out more, visit or phone 1.800.663.7100 for assistance.

Is my family covered under the BCITSA student health & Dental plan?

You have 30 days from the start date of your program, once per year, to add your spouse and/or dependents to the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan (or within 30 days of loss of comparable coverage at any time during your benefit year).

After this 30 day time frame, “Add—Ons” cannot be processed.

You require this form:

Student Benefits Family Add—on & Receipt


Family Add—on Fee Structure

Is my common — spouse/partner eligible for coverage?

They are not automatically on the plan but you can add them as long as you have been living with them for 12 months or longer.

See above: “Is my family covered under the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan?” in the FAQs for more details on adding family members.[/ms_accordion_item]

Can I Add-on Family Members?

Family members (limited to spouse and dependents) can be added onto your Health & Dental Plan!

IMPORTANT – You only have 30 days from the start date of your program to add family members to your policy, so don’t be late!

Visit to download the family add-on form and take it to the BCITSA Health & Dental office in SE2.

We accept Debit, cash, or cheque payments in person at the BCITS Health & Dental office in SE2.

You can also complete and pay for this process online by Credit Card. Complete the ‘Family Add-on’ for under the ‘Opt-out/Enroll’ banner. Once this form is submitted you will receive a confirmation email with a link to pay online.

I opted out of the plan, but now I would like coverage again, how do I opt—in?

If you have previously opted out of the plan, you can opt—in within 30 days of your program start date every year. You may also opt—in within 30 days of losing your comparable other coverage.

To opt—in, fill out this form.

Then bring the form to the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan office in SE2 Rm. 286 — Student Association Centre. Please come by the office or email us at ahead of time for a quote on the cost of opting back in and information on payment methods.

You can also complete and pay for this process online. Complete the ‘individual enrollment’ form under the ‘Opt—out/Enroll’ banner. Once this form is submitted you will receive a confirmation email with a link to pay online.

I already have coverage, what should i do?

You can either coordinate between both of your plans for better coverage (100% in some cases) or Opt-out of the plan.

Students have TWO options available for opting—out — once per year — within 30 days from their program start date.

1. Download the Student Benefits Waiver Form or pick it up at the BCITSA Health & Dental Plan office and:

Drop in to the BCITSA Health & Dental Plan Office — located in Room 286 — Student Association Centre, SE2 second floor, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC — submit with their BCIT ID, letter of acceptance or picture ID and proof of comparable other coverage in Extended Health & Dental.

2. Fill out the online form at:

IMPORTANT: Students have 30 days from the start of their program, once per year, to opt out of the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan, with a completed Waiver/Opt out form and one of the following proofs of comparable other coverage:

Extended Health & Dental benefits card
Photocopy of Extended Health & Dental benefits coverage
Letter from insurance provider OR employer stating Extended Health & Dental coverage with policy numbers

I don’t have existing coverage, can i still opt—out of the BCITSA Student Health Plan?

If you do not have comparable coverage through another provider, you cannot opt out. If you already have coverage through your parents, spouse, or work, you can opt out. Having MSP does not count as comparable coverage.

Do you have unanswered questions?

Stop by SE2 Room 286 (Student Association Centre) with your picture ID (BCIT ID, passport, BC ID, or Divers License) or email us at with your full name, BCIT ID number, date of birth and question(s).

If you have a generic question about the plan (account—specific questions cannot be answered over the phone for privacy reasons), you can also call the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan office at 604.456.8056.

If you still have questions after reading this list please contact the Student Health & Dental Plan directly at:

Kelsey Leung
Health & Dental Plan Administrator
Email: (for specific enquiries regarding your personal coverage)
Phone: 604.456.8056 (for general enquiries)