Health & Dental Plan


ALL NEW STUDENTS have an 8 WEEK WAITING PERIOD before they can use their benefits card or send in any receipts to Great West Life (the carrier). However, you can use all of your services starting on the first day of the month of your start date. You will simply have to pay yourself and hang on to the receipts then submit your receipts after the waiting period.

IMPORTANT The 30-day deadline for opting out in non-negotiable so don’t be late!
*Any eligible student who fails to opt-out within this deadline will not be refunded the health plan fee assessed with tuition and will be enrolled in the plan.

To Opt Out, you can submit an application online at by finding the “waiver” form under the ‘Opt-out/enroll’ banner. You can also bring the form to the BCITSA Health & Dental office in SE2, along with proof of comparable coverage, to proceed with the ‘opt-out’.

Kelsey Leung
Student Health Plan Administrator
604. 456. 8056   |

Policy Information

Claims Inquiries: 1.800.957.9777
Insurance Provider: Great-West Life
Plan Number: 330828
Policy Number: BCIT Student ID (substitute the letter “A” with “0”)