Policies Every Student Should Know

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Contact Us

Please note that the Advocate does spend time at all of the BCIT satellite campuses and so cannot always accommodate drop-in appointments at the Burnaby campus. In order to ensure that you are receiving the assistance you need, please arrange for an appointment in advance.

To book an appointment with one of our Advocates, please contact:

Robyn Lougheed
BCIT Student Association Advocate
Phone: 604.456.1161
SE2 – Room # 303c (3rd floor)

Danielle Landeta-Gauthier
BCIT Student Association Advocate
Phone: 604.432.8279
SE2 – Room # 303b (3rd floor)

Policies Every Student Should Know:

When students register to attend BCIT they do so with the understanding that they are agreeing to conduct themselves in a way that respects all BCIT policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are easily accessible on-line at http://www.bcit.ca/welcome/regulations.shtml. Because of the ease with which students can access these policies, it is expected that they are not only familiar with them, but also understand the consequences they may face if they are found to have beached BCIT policy. Ignorance is no excuse, and therefore reactions of “But I didn’t know this!” will not be accepted. Please take note of the following policies and procedures, as they are a sample of just some of the important regulations that guide all members of the BCIT community.