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Post an anonymous question or comment below pertaining to a personal conflict/issue, or BCIT Policy and Procedure. When appropriate, the Advocate will do their best to share their advice here for the benefit of all students.

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Advocate Responses

Question 17

I have sent 2 emails to my instructor from the winter session, and received no response, and do not know what might be my options. I am requesting my scores for the components used to calculate my final grade, as well as clarification on the weight of each component. The course’s Newsfeed in D2L posted an update that the final grades were available in myBCIT (got the grade); however, my scores for all of the components that make up that grade were not provided in D2L, or elsewhere.
The scores I do have indicate that I would have achieved uncharacteristically poor scores for my final project and final exam. That is not to say I disagree with the marks, only that I would like to know either way. Am I not entitled to know ALL of my marks?

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Question 16

Some of our instructors have opted not to deliver lectures for the remainder of the term and instead are just uploading the publisher’s slides. For classes that have moved online during the COVID pandemic, is there no requirement for instructors to provide some level of instruction to their students?

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Question 15

What do I do when my instructor is smudging in the classroom? I have already talked to this instructor about my asthma and how the smoke from smudging triggers it. I had to sit through the whole class last week with tightness in my chest as the smoke stays in the room for quite some time.

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Question 14

The prof has an attendance requirement in his course outline stating if you miss more than 10% of classes you can receive a U grade. So it makes sense he can fail you if you miss more than 10% of classes. But is it fair for him to give people that showed up to one class an extra 5%? Even if the people that missed class only missed 2.6% of classes?

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Question 13

Two professors gave attendance quizzes on the same day. For those who decided to skip class to study for an upcoming midterm, the first professor is going to drop their final grade by 2% and the second professor is going to deduct 10% from their next midterm. However, neither professor had quizzes on their syllabus and did not provide appropriate notice. Are they allowed to do such thing?

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