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Please note that the Advocate does spend time at all of the BCIT satellite campuses and so cannot always accommodate drop-in appointments at the BCIT Burnaby Campus. In order to ensure that you are receiving the assistance you need, please arrange for an appointment in advance.

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BCIT Student Association Advocate
Phone: 604.432.8279
Location: SE2 3rd Floor – Room #303b

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Advocate Responses

Question 12

What should I do when people are smoking too close to enclosed areas? I am unsure how to best influence them from smoking there. The smoke gets into enclosed areas, which becomes carcinogenic second-hand smoke. They leave too soon for security to witness.

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Question 11

I am taking a math class which I am in severe danger of failing. I am in severe danger of failing this math class because the tests are not testing material we have been taught. I spent 8 full hours over the last 24 drilling every practice question we’ve been given until I understood the material so well I could do every problem in my sleep, because I’m in danger of failing, and I’m a hard worker. Then I sit down confident for the quiz, and one of the two problems in a question unlike anything we have been taught or instructed how to prepare for. It’s been like this all term, every test, even the midterm, and I’m terrified I’m going to fail this course because it’s so unfair. It doesnt matter how much I study, because it’s not testing what we’ve been taught or how well I understand it, its testing if we are inherently good at math. I am not. I see the peer tutors, I put the time and work in, but it is meaningless because the test is not fair.

Please advise.

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Question 10

I have been having issues with one of my Major Project courses at BCIT Burnaby. Unfortunately, I’ve had to retake the course twice as each time I had issues with completing the project to the guidelines or a personal issue was stopping me from being able to make the deadlines. I am currently working full time, doing volunteer work, and finishing up this one course. Each time I have had the same instructor and each time I have experienced an unpleasant biased towards me for some unseen reason. I currently am completing all the requirements of this course but this instructor seems to still have issues with me as she would not allow me to leave class early for a work event. She took me aside in the Hall last week and publicly told me she did not think I was taking this course seriously. This is crazy, I have been nothing but professional on my end and I’m beginning to think she has a vendetta against me. I have sent her an email explaining how important completing this project to me is and that I do not understand where she is coming from. Do you know how I should approach this situation next if there seem to be further issues?

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Question 8

Can midterms from a previous term be used as additional study materials?

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