Thank you for voting in the BCITSA Services Funding Referendum.

The BCIT Student Association would like to thank all students who voted for taking the time to help guide the future of our organization. We look forward to providing BCIT students with the high-quality, engaging programs and services you’ve come to expect from us. The results of the voting are below:

More details will be posted early next week.

Food Security

The purpose of this proposed increase is to expand the Food Pantry program through dedicated staff focused on program delivery and solicitation of in-kind and monetary donations. This will include a Program Coordinator who will oversee the program and expand to the Specialty Campuses, as well as a Donations Coordinator who will generate revenue and secure food donations to maintain current operations and sustain the growth of the program.

You voted Yes: 466 opposed and 514 in favour, 980 votes cast

Staff Retention Strategy

The purpose of this proposed increase is to develop and implement a staff retention strategy to adapt to the current labour market needs and demands in order to continue to maintain and increase the quality of SA services. These funds will be used to increase the salaries of staff who are below market as well as ensure professional development opportunities for staff.

You voted No: 600 opposed and 377 in favour, 977 votes cast

Student Refugee Program

The purpose of this proposed increase is to support a project started by Executives in previous years and adopted by last year’s Executives to sponsor one new refugee student per year. BCITSA covers the living expenses of one new student and half of the living expenses of the previous year’s student with BCIT covering tuition costs. Of these funds, 72.8% will go directly towards supporting 1.5 students and the remaining 27.2% will cover a staff portion to oversee this program.

You Voted No: 495 opposed and 488 in favour, 983 votes cast