Study Abroad/International Field School

How to Apply

Students interested in applying for a semester at a partner institute should email SOB International office at the following information by the appropriate deadline:

Application deadlines for the exchange program are as follows:

  • Fall Semester (September—December) — March 1
  • Winter/Spring Semester (January—May) — September 30

Important Information

Scholarships and student aid are available for students going on a semester or summer international exchanges. Students can apply to student aid and for various scholarships to assist with tuition and expenses. Visit the BCIT School of Business International Education page for more information of these programs.

International Programs

The international programs offered by the BCIT School of Business help domestic and foreign students and faculty gain a global perspective by incorporating first-hand knowledge of the larger world. They gain specific knowledge of the economy, culture, government, and everyday life of the country where they study or teach.

Globalization is key in today’s business world. Tomorrow’s leaders will be expected to speak multiple languages, work in foreign countries, and bridge cultural differences to achieve social, economic, and political objectives. The international programs available through the School of Business help students and faculty take the first step on the path to becoming global citizens.

Gain Global Experience! Study Abroad!

Full time and part time Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Technology in Accounting degree students and Global Business Studies certificate students are eligible to spend a semester on exchange at a partner university in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Korea.

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European Field School

The BCIT School of Business European Field School expands applied learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom , providing an enriching academic and cultural experience. The European Field School offers you the possibility to attend intensive courses held by instructors from BCIT and international guest speakers abroad.

By attending the Field School you’ll have the opportunity to receive credits for academic courses, to learn about European business practices by visiting international companies, and ultimately, to be fully immersed in the local culture. You’ll visit cities, have guided tours, activities, sports, and interaction with locals. All of the events will be scheduled by the Field School program. Visit the International Field School page for more information.

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