In March 2015, the BCIT Student Association (SA) asked the students of BCIT for more resources via a referendum in order to better serve students at BCIT. The students voted in favor of this proposal and the SA is moving forward with upgrading our programming, services and infrastructure. One of the goals of the referendum proposal was to allocate resources to an external advocate – a voice of the student association committed to working with external parties to better serve our students across all 5 campuses. Our new External Advocate – Sameer Ismail – has hit the ground running and already achieving some positive results on behalf of students.

Childcare Funding Announcement

Burnaby, B.C. – The British Columbia Institute of Technology Student Association (BCITSA) is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Ministry of Children and Family Development to receive funding under the Child Care Major Capital Funding Program for the creation of new childcare spaces on the Burnaby Campus. Read more here


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Translink Elimination of Tap-Off Requirement on Buses Effective Oct 5, 2015

August 7, 2015

Yesterday, TransLink announced an important change to the fare systems on its buses.  Effective October 5th, bus users will no longer be subjected to fare zones, or the requirement to tap off with their Compass cards.  This is a welcome development that the BCITSA advocated for strongly, as the tap off requirement on buses was a problem that needlessly would have wasted students’ time, as well as presenting certain challenges to the long-term sustainability of the U-Pass BC system.

The BCITSA is pleased with this development, but wishes to remind all students that this change will not take effect until October 5th.  Until then, it remains necessary to tap off buses when using Compass cards.

AIC Safety and Transportation Improvements

July 27, 2015

The BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) is pleased to announce today an agreement with the Corporation of Delta to see important safety upgrades carried out around BCIT’s Annacis Island Campus (AIC).  These improvements will result in students returning to school in the fall to find a much-needed bus shelter, new sidewalks, a marked crosswalk, and adjustments to parking restrictions to improve sightlines for students crossing Cliveden Avenue.  Future improvements include a lit, pedestrian actuated crossing signal to be installed next year, and additional sidewalk construction to be carried out at a later date.

This project will have an immediate impact for AIC students.  The BCITSA applauds the Corporation of Delta for its proactive engagement with us.  Their actions have demonstrated clearly their commitment to the safety of our students, and to the Annacis Island Campus as an important presence in Delta.

These improvements, valued at approximately $100,000 and fully funded by the Corporation of Delta and TransLink, will make it safer and more convenient for students to make the choice to use transit to travel to and from AIC. We expect to break ground on this project this August, with completion expected by mid-September.

Translink Schedule Change

July 20, 2015

After discussions with TransLink, the SA is pleased to announce TransLink schedule changes that will benefit students.  The 125 bus route, which provides an easy link to the Burnaby Campus during peak hours, was initially planned to begin service on September 15th of this year.  This would have resulted in a chaotic first week for many BCIT students as classes start on September 8th, with limited bus service to campus on the 130 bus, already one of the top 10 overcrowded bus routes run by TransLink.  This route will now begin on September 8th, in time for orientation, providing an alternative to the overcrowding students face at Metrotown Station.

Did you know?  The 125 bus is a dedicated bus route that runs between BCIT’s Burnaby Campus and Patterson SkyTrain station.  It runs from 7:25 AM to 8:57 AM, traveling from Patterson Station to Willingdon Ave and Canada way every 6-8 minutes weekday mornings, and from 3:24 PM to 5:52 PM traveling in the opposite direction every 6-8 minutes.*  This is an excellent way to avoid long line-ups for the 130 bus, and save yourself valuable time!