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The BCITSA Extended Health & Dental Plan provides protection and security to minimize the effect of injuries or ailments during your studies. You will be automatically enrolled in the plan if your program is designated full-time by BCIT and lasts at least 16 weeks. If you are eligible for coverage, the fees for the plan are automatically included by the institution with registration.

What’s covered under the plan?

Prescription Drugs

Dental Coverage (up to $750 per benefit year)

Optical ($150 towards eyeglasses or contact lenses and
$60 for 1 eye exam every 24 months)

Paramedical Practitioners (Physiotherapy, Chiropractic,
Psychologist, and more)

Travel Insurance

Ambulance Coverage
And more!


Not all BCIT students are eligible for the Extended Health & Dental Plan.

You are not eligible if

1 You are a part-time student
2 A student in a full-time program less than 16-weeks in length

* If you enroll in an applicable full-time program in the future, you will automatically be enrolled in the plan when you are assessed in your registration fees.

If you are not eligible, you have the following options to obtain coverage:

• Purchase optional coverage through Manulife
• Register for BC Fair PharmaCare

You are eligible if

1 You are a full-time student

2 A student in a full-time program that is 16-weeks or longer

Eligible students will receive coverage starting on the first day of the month your program begins. You are assessed the fee along with your program fees. If you do not complete your program, it may result in coverage being adjusted to what fees you had paid. Please see the BCITSA Health & Dental Plan Office for more detailed information regarding your coverage period.

New eligible students will be added to the health and dental plan approximately 8-weeks from the start date of your program. Please keep your receipts for eligible expenses incurred during this period for submission to the insurance carrier upon completion of the enrolment process.

What is BC Fair PharmaCare?
BC Fair PharmaCare is a government program that covers a comprehensive list of prescription drugs and medical supplies.

  • Registration is FREE and there are no premiums
  • Both domestic and international students can register
  • You only need to register once; coverage will be adjusted each year automatically & Information is available in a number of languages; coverage is based on your income from two years ago. Learn how your coverage is calculated

You need an active Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage AND a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to register.

Register for BC Fair PharmaCare

Opt-In, Opt-Out, or Add Family

There is a non-negotiable 30-day deadline from the first day of your program for opting out of the plan, opting back into the plan (if previously opted out), or adding family members. Students are required to show proof of comparable coverage to opt-out. Depending on the situation, the family add-on and opt-in may also require documentation.

If the opt-out deadline is missed, the health plan fee will be assessed with your tuition and you
will be automatically enrolled in the plan. Your next chance to opt-out is your policy anniversary
If the family add-on deadline is missed, your next chance to do so Is your policy anniversary
If the opt-in deadline is missed, your next chance to do so is your policy anniversary

Online Form

View and submit the forms online.


Visit the BCIT Student Association front desk at the Burnaby Campus (Building SE2, 2nd Floor) to process in person.

Via Email

If you have any questions regarding the BCITSA Health & Dental Plan please email us:


The myBenefits Card is an important piece of identification that will ease access to your benefits. All eligible students must register for the card. This multi-purpose card provides your policy information for submission of claims at both the Pharmacy and some Dental Offices.

Register for your MyBenefits

How do I use my Health and Dental Plan?

If you are new to the plan or if there has been a break since you were last on the plan, there is an 8-week validation period from the start date of your program at BCIT where you will not be able to submit claims. Hold onto the original copies of your receipts and submit them after the validation period has finished to Canada Life.

Make A Claim

You can submit online claims within 6 months from the date of service to our provider Canada Life here.


There is also a mobile app to make claims with Canada Life GroupNet! GroupNet is free to download on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry devices.


You can download the hard copy form (within 15 months from the date of service) to mail the claim here.

To register for your online/mobile claims you will need the following:

Plan Number: 330828
Member ID: Your BCIT Student ID number; substitute the letter “A” with a zero.

Contact the student benefits office for additional assistance.

Dental Services

There is an on-campus dental hygienist covered under your healthcare plan!

If you’re on the BCIT Student Health & Dental Plan, then come and get your teeth cleaned right here in the Student Association Centre in SE2. Bring a shining white smile to your job interview or presentation.

Healthy Smile offers dental services as well. Sign up online or at the Student Association Centre (SE2, 2nd Floor) to ensure you don’t miss out!

Book an Appointment


No matter how busy you may be, your mental health needs to be a priority. MyWellness (included in your BCITSA Extended Health and Dental Plan) provides mental health and wellness support through resources, assessments, and tools.

Access MyWellness

Online Counselling FAQ

Online Counselling is now available for part-time and full-time students! Everyone needs someone to talk to.

Online video counselling is a safe and secure way to speak with a practitioner matched to your needs, anywhere and anytime. Online Counselling is now available for part-time and full-time BCIT students!

Access online counselling


Getting access to online counselling is easy and can be done in two ways: 

    1. Simply visit and select your school from the drop-down menu. From there select the video counselling button. This will take you directly to the online counselling site where you can set up your profile and begin the process of booking a session with a counsellor. 
    2. Visit and complete your free and confidential mental health assessment. Once you have completed your assessment you will be able to access online counselling directly from your personalized action plan. You also have the option of uploading the results of your assessment directly to your online counselling profile so the counsellor you schedule an appointment with can learn about the challenges you are facing and support your needs even before your session takes place! 


With online counselling you choose a session time with a counsellor that best suits your needs and schedule. Online counselling sessions are available in 30-, 60-, and 75-minute timeslots. When scheduling your appointment, simply select the session time you are most comfortable with. 


Online counselling appointments are available on days and times that work best for you, and this includes evenings and weekends! Availability varies per counsellor but once you have selected a counsellor you will be provided with their schedules and times that they are available. Simply select the time and day that best suits your schedule to book your appointment. 


We have partnered with Inkblot Therapy to provide online counselling that is both accessible and affordable. The cost per following sessions are: 

30 Minutes = $37.50   |   60 Minutes = $75.00   |   75 Minutes = $112.50 


Students who participate in the BCITSA health plan have coverage for social workers, psychologists, and registered psychotherapists at 80% to a maximum per practitioner, per benefit year of $400.00. 


With this coverage, $30.00 per 30-minute counselling session is billed to the health insurance plan and only $7.50 is paid directly by the student. 


The coverage allows for up to 14 counselling sessions per year that can be billed to the student’s health plan (based on 30-minute sessions and including the first free session). 


With online video counselling, you simply pay for your session online using Inkblot’s secure website. You will be provided with a receipt which can then be submitted to your health insurance plan for reimbursement. 


* Please refer to your health plan for confirmation of coverage prior to booking a counselling session. Psychological services coverage varies per health plan. *


Yes! Online counselling is available in 18 languages. 


Access online counselling here

Am I Covered Under the BCITSA Student Health and Dental Plan?

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in an applicable full-time program of 16 weeks or longer. It is your responsibility to know when your coverage starts and ends. You can check this at under your registration fees. It is also mandatory for you to have basic medical coverage such as MSP (Services Card/Personal Health Number/Care Card). International students must have temporary insurance or comparable coverage. Students from another Canadian province must ensure they have basic medical coverage from their home province. 

What is MSP?

MSP stands for the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia. After receiving your Personal Health Number (Services Card/Care Card), you qualify for basic medical coverage including doctor’s appointments, medical tests, hospital stays, and more. It is your responsibility to be in good standing with your MSP. The BCITSA Student Health Plan does not cover this expense for you. 

What is Pharmacare and why do I need it to get my benefits card?

Fair Pharmacare is a prescription assistance program set up by the BC Government to help with the cost of prescriptions. By signing up, you are getting better prescription coverage and are ultimately helping decrease the cost of the plan. 

Visit the BC Ministry of Health Pharmacare

As an international student, am I eligible for coverage?

YES! You are covered under the plan if you fill the eligibility criteria and have basic medical coverage. If you don’t have basic coverage, you can purchase Student Guard (Guard Me) through the International Student Office and/or sign up for MSP within three (3) months of moving to BC. To pick up your benefits card, please show your study permit with your basic medical insurance at the BCITSA Health & Dental Office.

As a part-time student, am I eligible for coverage?

Part-time students and students in full-time programs less than 16 weeks are not eligible for the BCITSA Health & Dental Plan. If you enroll in a full-time applicable program in the future, you will automatically be on the plan when you are assessed in your registration fees. 

To purchase interim optional coverage, please refer to the following link.

What does the BCITSA student health and dental plan cover?

General highlights of the Student Benefit Plan 

Prescription drugs 

Dental coverage (up to $750 per benefit year) 

Optical ($150 towards eyeglasses or contact lenses and $60 for one eye exam every 24 months) 

Paramedical practitioners (physiotherapy, chiropractic, psychology, and more) 

Travel insurance 

Ambulance coverage 

For a complete list of covered expenses and amounts click here 

To download the travel insurance booklet, click here 

For a copy of the travel medical card, click here  

How do I use my health and dental plan?

Starting January 1, 2020, the student insurance provider “Great-West Life” has rebranded to “Canada Life.” All policy numbers and policy provisions are unchanged. You may still see Great-West Life on your forms and statements until they fully transition to Canada Life. 


IMPORTANT – If you are new to the plan or if there has been a break since you were last on the plan, there is an eight-week validation period from the start date of your program at BCIT where you will not be able to submit claims. Hold onto the original copies of your receipts and submit them after the validation period has finished to Great West Life/Canada Life.  


IT IS EASY TO MAKE A CLAIM! You can submit online claims (within six months from the date of service) to our provider Great West Life/Canada Life   or  you can download the hard copy form (within 15 months from the date of service) to mail the claim. 


Where can I use my BCITSA health and dental plan benefits card?

You can use the myBenefits card at any pharmacy or dental office that uses electronic billing, and your percentage of reimbursement will be taken off at the source. The Extended Health and Optical coverage generally do not use the benefit card, and you usually must pay upfront for these services and go through a receipt process. Always ask if you can use your card before paying. 

Is my family covered under the BCITSA student health and dental plan?

You have within 30-days from the start date of your program, once per year, to add your spouse and/or dependents to the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan (or within 30 days of loss of comparable coverage at any time during your benefit year). There are no exceptions if this deadline is missed. 

The add-on coverage is not automatically reinstated after 12 months; the student must redo the process every policy year.  


You will require this form to add-on family and/or dependents: 

Student Benefits Family Add-On & Receipt 


Family Add-on Fee Structure 

Is my common-law-spouse or partner eligible for coverage?

They are not automatically on the plan, but you can add them if you have been living with them for 12 months or longer. 

See above: Is my family covered under the BCITSA Student Health & Dental Plan? in the FAQ’s for more details on adding family members. 

Can I add-on my family members? 

Family members are limited to spouse and/or children dependents only. 

IMPORTANT – You have 30-days from the start date of your program to add family members to your policy, so don’t be late! 

Fill out the online family add-on form or visit the BCITSA Health & Dental office in SE2 to process in person. 

We accept debit, cash, or cheque payments in person at the BCITSA Health & Dental office in SE2. 

The online add-on form/payment only accepts Mastercard or Visa. Once this form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email that the benefits office received your form. You’ll then receive an email from the benefits office stating whether the add-on is approved or denied.  

I opted out of the plan, but now I would like coverage again, how do I opt-in?

If you have previously opted out of the plan, you can opt-in within 30-days of your policy anniversary every year if you are still an eligible student. The policy anniversary is based on the month your program originally started. You may also opt-in within 30-days of losing your comparable other coverage during the academic year. If this is the case, showing official supporting documents is mandatory. 


To Opt-In, fill out this form and bring it to the Student Health & Dental plan office in SE2 Room 286 in the Student Association Centre. Please come by the office or email us the form to ahead of time to receive a quote on the cost of opting back in and information on payment methods. Supporting documentation may be required.  

You can also complete and pay for this process online. Once this form is submitted, you will receive an email with further information. 

I already have coverage, can I still opt-out of the BCITSA student health and dental plan?

You can coordinate between both of your plans to maximize your coverage (100% in some cases) OR opt-out of the plan. 

Eligible students can opt-out once per year within the first 30-days from their program start date. No exceptions can be made if this deadline has passed. If the deadline is missed, the student can opt-out during the policy anniversary.  

  1. Download the Student Benefits Waiver Form or pick it up at the BCITSA Health & Dental office. 
  • Drop into the BCITSA Health & Dental plan office to submit forms with their BCIT ID, their letter of acceptance or picture ID, and proof of comparable other coverage. 
    Room 286, 2nd Floor, 
    Student Association Centre, SE2 
    3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC
  1. Fill out the online form 

Please note this is a one-time opt-out. You will remain opted out of the plan unless you actively choose to opt back in or if there is a change in your status (e.g. if you drop down to part-time, then go back up to full-time). However, we encourage all students to check their fees and tuition each termto ensure that they are not accidentally charged. 


IMPORTANT: Students with a completed waiver/opt-out form must provide one of the following examples as proof of comparable other coverage: 

Photocopy of extended health & dental benefits coverage with policy information 

Letter from insurance provider or employer stating extended health & dental coverage with policy numbers 

Previously processed claim 


If you do not have comparable coverage through another provider, you cannot opt-out. If you already have coverage through your parents, spouse, or work, you CAN opt-out. 

Having MSP does not count as comparable coverage.

Do you have unanswered questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact Student Health & Dental directly at: 

Kelsey Leung – Student Health & Dental Plan Administrator  

Phone: 604-456-8056 (for general inquires) 


BCITSA Health & Dental Plan Office 

Student Association Centre 

Building SE2, 2nd Floor, Room #286 

3700 Willingdon Ave. 

Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2