Are you interested in improving the student experience and gaining valuable leadership experience along the way? The Student Association has two types of volunteer leadership opportunities available starting in September!

Councillor Recruitment

Councillors are responsible for helping oversee the Student Association and advocating for students from their school/campus. They vote on key organizational decisions and bring forward student concerns during Council meetings every two weeks to ensure that student needs are met.

Learn more about the Councillors Role here

Set Rep Recruitment

Set Reps are the voices of their sets to the Student Association and BCIT community. They gather issues from students or instructors and bring them to Student Executives and Advocates in regular Set Rep meetings, where those issues can be addressed directly. Set Reps are elected by each set in the classroom.

For more information, please contact Crystal at or reach out to your Executives!

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The Student Council, made up of the Executive Board and Councillors, are responsible for overseeing the Student Association and advocating for students. Set Reps help bring forward student ideas and concerns. These students contribute their time and effort towards improving campus life for their peers and moving our organization forward.

Want to learn more about what they are doing for students? Find out about upcoming Council meetings and read about what occurred during past meetings here:

2022/2023 Executive Board

The Executives are a group of students who are elected by all BCIT students each year to govern the Student Association and to advocate for the interests of the student body. The President chairs the Council and leads the Executive team. The four Vice Presidents perform specific duties and tasks that contribute to overall student development. The seven Chairs focus on issues specific to the School or Campus they represent.

You can ensure that your voice is heard by communicating with your elected student Executives. Book an online meeting with them during their office hours and a link to a virtual meeting room will be emailed to you.


Mia bui
VP Finance & Administration

Nolan Nordwall
VP External

Tanya Fuchs
VP Student Experience

Amanda mackearney
VP Equity & Sustainability

Joshua LUU
Chair, School of Business + Media

Celine Loriot
Chair, School of Health Sciences

Vrishank Prabhu
Chair, School of Energy

Mohamad Baydoun
Chair, School of Computing

Cody Pallin
Chair, Schools of Transportation, Construction & the Environment;

Sally poon
Chair, Downtown Campus

Theo Robson
Chair, ATC Campus

2021/2022 Student Council

AIC Satellite Councillor


ATC Councillor

Cailin Shires

BMC Satellite Councillor

Ashley Obeck (

DTC Councillors

Sally Poon
Felix Ruttan
Erik Zhao

Housing Councillor

Anastasiia Naboka

Indigenous Councillor

Desmand King
Nic Johnson

International Councillor

Mia Bui

School of Business and Media Councillors

Sarah Choi
Joshua Luu
David Nava
Valentina Pagetto
Nicolas Chethuan
Carrie Liang
Shelby Woida

School of Computing and Academic Studies (Burnaby) Councillors

Martin Van Laethem

School of Energy Councillors

Abood Barakat
Mike Chen
Laurel Kinahan
Anmol Sidhu

School of Health Sciences Councillors

Alyssa Ilich
Celine Loriot
Shanise Reddekopp

School of Transportation, Construction, and the Environment Councillors

Mina Ariana
Gary Moon

Councillor Breakdown

Set Rep Program

The Set Rep program is a forum for students to connect, provide input, and advocate for student concerns. A Set Rep is the voice of their set to the Student Association and larger community. The Set Rep gathers any issues and brings them forward to Student Executives and Advocates where the issues can be addressed directly, allowing for actionable responses in a timely manner.

Information for Students

Information for Staff & Faculty

Distinguished Set Rep Award


Questions about the Set Rep Program
can be directed to Crystal Man or the Chair of your