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BCITSA Food Support Hub

Food insecurity has severe implications for one’s health and wellbeing. Post-secondary students are particularly vulnerable, with over 50% of students at Canadian post-secondary institutions experiencing moderate to severe levels of food insecurity. The Food Support Hub is an all-encompassing service that includes several different avenues for all BCIT students to access support.

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BCITSA Food Pantry

Students who need immediate food support can access BCITSA’s Food Pantry on the Burnaby campus. This is a free initiative, located on the 2nd floor of SE2, where members of the BCIT Community can obtain accessible, nutritionally, and culturally appropriate food in a just and ecologically sound manner

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Emergency Food Fund (EFF)

Students experiencing emergent food insecurity, who are primarily based online or at the Specialty/Satellite campuses may be eligible to receive funds to purchase emergency food. Please note that students who are primarily based at the Burnaby campus have access to the Food Pantry and are no longer eligible to receive the EFF unless they are physically unable to shop the Food Pantry. Eligible students may access the EFF either through referral by BCIT/BCITSA stakeholder, or through self-referral using the Wellness Support Services form.

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Community Fridge

in partnership with BCIT, BCITSA, Burnaby Primary Care Network, and Greater Vancouver Food Bank-   Based on similar programs in Canada and around the world, the BCIT Community Fridge is a safe, low-barrier and non-judgmental way for staff, students and faculty to support each other, reduce waste, and help to ensure everyone in our community can feed themselves and their families.
You can find the community fridge here

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Quest Food Exchange Referral

Students may receive a membership to shop at this low-cost grocery store that operates on a referral-only model. Students may select from several locations (Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey) and the membership is valid for 3 years. To begin the referral process, please fill out our Wellness Request Form

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BCITSA Nutrition Coach

Are you finding it difficult to eat healthy meals at home on a budget? Are there any special dietary needs that you would like help with? Book a 30- or 50-minute virtual nutrition coaching appointment for personalized support with a holistic nutritionist practicum student
This program is currently on hold. Please check back in sept 2022 for booking information

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Community Food Network

Discover a wide range of food supports on and off campus. Filter options by location, type of support, and cost (if any!).

Check out the Community Food Network here!

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