Nourish the Next Generation

Donate to the BCITSA Food Support Hub! BCIT Students are your future employees, neighbours, and colleagues. They are the future of our province. Every donation you make will be used to provide students with the meals (and means) to get through their rigorous years of education.

How Did The Food Support Hub Start?

Following rigorous planning, consultation, and development, the BCITSA established a partnership with Greater Vancouver Food Bank and opened the Food Pantry on January 27, 2022. It is a low-barrier service for students (it allows students to self-identify as needing food support).

How Many Students Have We Helped?

The need for food support is more pressing than ever; due to increasing costs, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in usage (90 additional students per week compared to last year). Between January 2023 and March 2023, we helped 1,742 students at the Food Pantry. Of those, 65% are international students.

How can you get involved?


One Time Donation

Monetary donations allow us the flexibility to purchase foods and products popular with BCIT students. Simply click the button below to donate.

Help us skip the processing fees, for donations over $950 please contact Yael Zachs (


Contribute to our Food Pantry Wishlist

Visit to view our wishlist, and contribute towards it. The list may be updated periodically as students’ needs change.


Did You Know?

Statistics Canada’s Canadian Income Survey found that 5.8 million Canadians, including 1.4 million children, were in food-insecure households in 2021. A groundbreaking report shared that 39% of students at Canadian post-secondary institutions face some extent of food insecurity. Students are four times more likely to face food insecurity!

Between January 2023 and March 2023, our Food Pantry helped 1,742 BCIT Students.

Your support will help us:


Support our Food Pantry

Your help will supply accessible, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food to BCIT students who need immediate food support at our Burnaby campus.


Support our Emergeny Food Fund

Your donations will help students who are primarily based online or at Specialty campuses (Downtown, Aerospace, Marine, Annacis Island) and are experiencing emergency food insecurity.


Stock our Community Fridge

Your support will keep the Community Fridge running and provide a non-judgemental way for staff, students, and faculty to support each other and reduce waste.

With your support, we can combat food insecurity on campus, and send out healthy graduates into the world.