Start with these resources if you are in the idea-forming stage or just starting to think about a new business idea. 

Lean Canvas
Request access to the BCITSA Entrepreneurship’s online startup training tool and fill out a Lean Canvas to test your business idea.

How to Evaluate Your Business Idea
Use Small Business BC’s 20-step business idea checklist as a guide to determine if your business idea is viable.

Idea Evaluation Checklist
Got a great idea for a product or service? Use this checklist from to help you evaluate the idea and determine if you should start a new business.

Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment by BDC
Evaluate your entrepreneurial traits and identify if there are areas you need to develop to ensure you have the aptitude, motivation, and drive to run your own business.

Find out what’s trending! Read about innovation and entrepreneurship around the world.

Business Planning

Here you will find resources for entrepreneurs in the planning stage.

Starting a Small Business Guide
A free downloadable guide to help you with planning and starting a small business.

Business Plan and Cashflow Projection Templates
Free downloadable templates to create your own business plan and forecast your cashflow.

Business Plan Checklist
Eight key components of a business plan and helpful advice on what to include in each section.

Choosing the Right Business Structure
Before registering your business, you should consider the different options available. Small Business BC provides an overview of each business structure, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Market Research

Learn who your customers are and how to reach them with this collection of market research resources.

How to Research Your Market
Small Business BC’s step-by-step checklist on conducting market research.

How to Create a Marketing & Sales Plan
Steps to developing and implementing a marketing strategy, by Small Business BC.

Marketing & Market Research Guide
Tips from BDC on creating a successful marketing strategy, including how to conduct market research.

BCIT Library’s Entrepreneurship Research Guide
This guide is designed as a quick and easy way to access the most useful entrepreneurship resources the BCIT library has to offer.

BC Stats
Access statistical and economic research, information, and analysis. Increase business performance by accessing the information you need to make effective decisions.

This interactive map provides easy access to market data tailored to customized business districts across Metro Vancouver.

Free or Low-Cost Tools for your Business
An overview of some free and low-cost software options, including marketing and sales tools.

Registration & Licensing

Find information about registering your business, with links to official sites where you can complete your registration.

Step-by-Step Business Registration Process
Follow these steps to name and register your business.

Business permit and licence information provided by governments at the federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal levels.

Government of Canada Business Resources
Official information on setting up your business, including how to choose the right business structure, how to register your business, and other steps to consider before starting a business in Canada.

BC Government Permits, Licensing, and Registration
Official information from BC Registries.

Business Taxes
Government of Canada resources on income tax, GST/HST, payroll, business numbers, and more.

Finance for Startups

Find links to resources that will help you with finance startup questions.

Start-up Costs Calculator
What are your door-opening costs? RBC’s start-up costs calculator can help you decide whether your idea will make money before you invest time and capital to find out the hard way.

How to Calculate your Break-Even Point
A break even analysis tells you how much you need to sell in order to cover your costs of doing business.

Financial Toolkit: Ratio Calculators
Financial ratios are a way to evaluate the performance of your business and identify potential problems. Use these free tools from BDC to calculate your earning power, solvency, efficiency and debt load.

Business Taxes
Government of Canada resources on income tax, GST/HST, payroll, business numbers and more.

Free or Low-Cost Tools for your Business
An overview of some free and low-cost software options, including financing and budget tools.

Funding Your Business

These resources share information on what types of funding are available and how to access them.

Finding Angel Investors – Have Realistic Expectations
BDC’s advice on what to keep in mind if you want to find angel investors for your business.

How to Finance your Startup (Article)
An article by Small Business BC that explains the key things to know about financing with debt vs. equity.

Sources of Funding Overview
A quick one-page overview from RBC on the main ways that entrepreneurs raise cash.

Equity Investment – Know the Rules (Article)
An overview from Small Business BC on the BC laws that apply to companies raising money from investors.

Checklist to Get Approved for a Business Loan
BDC’s simple checklist for getting approved for a business loan.

A Canada-wide non-profit that provides financing and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. Funding also comes with a mentoring program that helps to support young entrepreneurs.

Business grants and financing – Government of Canada
Read about grants, loans, private and public sector financing, and leveraging personal assets.

Innovate BC
A BC Provincial Agency that helps innovators in BC access funding, launch their ideas, and connect with the experts they need to build great companies.

Women’s Enterprise Centre
A non-profit devoted to helping BC women start, lead, and grow their own businesses. Access business loans, skills training, advice, and practical resources.

Aboriginal Small Business Resources
Information on small business start-up and growth services tailored to Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

VANTEC Angel Network
A group of angel investors who support BC-based entrepreneurs in technology ventures with angel investment, advice, and connections. Learn more about how to pitch your business to angel investors.

Prototype Support

Are you designing or building something? These resources, both on and off campus, provide space, tools, and support.

MediaWorks at BCIT
MediaWorks is a self-service production facility offering drop-in help to BCIT students. Stop by to learn about photoshop, 3D printing, video editing, and much more.

MAKE+ (BCIT Applied Research)
MAKE+ is a group of multidisciplinary research staff focused on product and process development, evaluation, applied research projects, and education. Contact us to find out how students can get support from the MAKE+ team!

Vancouver Hack Space
A large workshop space where people gather to share ideas, tools, and know-how. This space includes 3D printers, laser cutters, welding machines, electronics, and more.

A large makerspace in Vancouver that provides you with the tools, space, and skills to make almost anything.

Maker Cube
A makerspace in Langley that includes a comprehensive selection of tools and workspaces, as well as custom fabrication services and educational programming.

Vancouver Tool Library (VTL)
A cooperative tool lending library that loans a wide variety of tools for home repair, gardening, and bicycle maintenance. VTL also offers workshops on tool-related skills and projects.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Find resources about using IP, and how to search for existing IP.

Intellectual property (IP) Overview
Know what the terms mean. Here is BDC’s quick overview of IP.

Intellectual Property (IP) Database
Search for trademarks, patents, copyrights, and more on this Government of Canada site.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Information on how to use intellectual property effectively, including patenting, trademarks, and copyright.

Importing & Exporting

Are you looking to export goods from Canada to international markets, or import international goods into Canada? These resources will guide you.

Step by Step Guide to Exporting
A detailed guide by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

How to Import Goods to Canada
What to consider when importing goods to Canada.

Starting an Importing Business (Article)
BDC shares eight tips for dealing with foreign suppliers.

How to Export Goods from Canada
What to consider when exporting goods from Canada.

Export – Getting Ready to Go Global
Information from BDC on exporting, including how to develop a plan and market your export business.

Video Resources

We have created a collection of entrepreneurship-related videos to help you explore different startup topics. These videos feature a variety of experts, from experienced entrepreneurs to subject-matter specialists. You will find videos covering a range of topics that will help you in your startup journey.

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Many of these videos were recorded during our live virtual events.