As an entrepreneur, your business and its operations are greatly impacted by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We hope you feel reassured that there is now a carefully crafted provincial government plan in place to help move us into a new normal.

You might have many questions like: What does this plan to move us forward from COVID-19 involve? How will it support me? Where can I find the information I need for restarting or adjusting my business operations?

In this blog post, you’ll find links to three resources with helpful information for the next few weeks (and months) of transition for your business operations:

  1. BC’s Restart Plan
  2. Provincial and federal support for businesses
  3. WorkSafeBC guidelines for safety plans

1. BC’s Restart Plan

The BC government is taking a careful, phased approach to restarting the BC economy. BC’s Restart Plan is the first in a series of steps that lays out a four-phase plan that we will follow together in British Columbia for the next few weeks (and months). The purpose of the plan is to protect each other and to ensure that we can all move forward (businesses and individuals alike) from COVID-19.

What are the Four Phases?

Click on each phase listed below to see a detailed breakdown of which businesses are able to open and when, and what’s expected of businesses and individuals as we move through the phases:

You can also read the full plan to move BC through the pandemic here. It will give you a good overview of where we’re at and what to expect for the next stage of our challenge in moving forward.

2. Provincial and Federal Support for Businesses

Both the provincial and federal government has made various support resources available to businesses, including:

  • Access to credit,
  • Avoiding layoffs and rehiring employees,
  • Bill relief,
  • Deferred payments,
  • Supporting financial stability.

Customized support is available in different sectors, like arts, childcare, media, restaurants, and more. To view the full list of the available COVID-19 provincial and federal benefits to (both individuals and) businesses, visit this information page of the BC Government’s website for the latest up-to-date information.

3. WorkSafeBC Guidelines for COVID-19 Safety Plans

Every business is required to have a COVID-19 safety plan that assesses the risk of exposure and implements measures to keep their workers and customers safe. WorkSafeBC has also compiled health and safety information for small businesses. You can review best practices for safely reopening your business or protecting your employees from COVID-19 here.

Do you need support? Are you unsure which information is relevant to you and your business? Connect with us by booking an online 1-on-1 appointment. Our services are free and your BCITSA Entrepreneurship team members (Laura and Tania) are available virtually until we can meet again in-person.

We’re so proud of you for persevering and for adapting with speed. Your mindset has made all the difference and will continue to help you in the next few weeks as we go through the different phases!

Stay healthy, stay safe and good luck with adapting to our new normal. Remember, we’re only a phone call or email away if you need support.



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