General Information

The results are in…

…and the winners of the 2018/19 BCITSA Exec Elections are:

President: Timothy David
Vice President Finance and Administration: Henry Vo
Vice President Student Affairs: Eirylle Sanchez
Vice President External: Christian Colquhoun
Vice President Campus Life: Jordan Holden
Chair of the School of Business: Matt Hardwick
Chair of the School of Energy: Cory Pope
Chair of the School of Transportation, Construction and the Environment: Chris Samra
Chair of the School of Computing and Academic Studies: Justin Cervantes

By-elections will be held in the fall for the Chairs of Health Sciences and the Aerospace Technology Campus (ATC).

Congratulations to the winners!

BCITSA By-Elections Q & A

How Do I Run?

Nomination packages are available as of March 19th, 2018 from the BCITSA administration offices on the 3rd floor of SE2, or on Complete a nominations package and return it to the BCITSA administration offices on the 3rd floor of SE2 by Match 26th @ 2:00 pm. You may also return your completed package to LATE OR INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Confirmation of your candidacy will take place April 11th at the All Candidates Meeting and campaigning begins after this meeting. Voting for elections will take place April 23rd – April 27th on your my.bcit account.

What positions are available?

  • President
  • Vice President Administration and Finance
  • Vice President Student Affairs
  • Vice President External
  • Vice President Campus Life
  • Chair of the School of Business
  • Chair of the School of Health Sciences
  • Chair of the School of Energy
  • Chair of the School of Transportation, Construction, and the Environment
  • Chair of the School of Computing and Academic Studies
  • Chair of the Aerospace Technology Campus

What’s the commitment requirement?

You are required to attend a weekly meeting on Mondays as well as hold office hours and participate on various committees. The requirement is at least 10 hours per week.

What are the benefits?

During this term, they will receive student executive perks including an office, discounts at all BCITSA retail stores and pub, free part-time courses, invitations to special events, and a monthly honorarium.

It is a priceless experience to make a difference here at BCIT!

Is it paid?

You will receive a monthly honorarium.

What do I need to be eligible?

You must:

  • be a BCITSA member in good standing.
  • be a full-time student based on BCIT criteria or a PTS student taking a minimum of three (3) courses.
  • have a minimum of sixty-five per cent (65%) previous standing GPA.
  • be a full-time student within Level 1 or 2 of first term (for ATC candidates only)

Will the job affect my grades?

It may impact some students but it is up to the individual’s ability to manage their time and cope with their commitment required.

When are Elections?

BCITSA Elections 2018 run from Monday April 23rd at 9:00 am until Friday, April 27th at 2:00 pm.

How do I vote?

If you are a student currently taking courses in March 1st– May 31st, 2018 then you are eligible to vote. You vote on your account by clicking on the “Vote Now” button on the right hand side.

Why can I vote for other school chairs?

If you have courses that are considered from another school (i.e. you are a trades student taking a marketing class as well) then you will be eligible to vote for those schools as well.