And the Votes Are In…

The BCITSA Student Elections are now closed! Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s student elections. And now, without further delay, join us in welcoming your incoming 2019/2020 BCITSA Student Executives.

Justin Cervantes
BCITSA 2019/2020 President
Rose Salm
BCITSA 2019/2020 Vice President Finance & Administration
Steven Palfrey
BCITSA 2019/2020 Vice President External
Miranda Campbell
BCITSA 2019/2020 Vice President Student Experience
Adam Nguyen
BCITSA 2019/2020 Vice President of Equity & Sustainability
Hunter Sones
BCITSA 2019/2020 Chair of the School of Business
L.T. Le
BCITSA 2019/2020 Chair of the School of Health Sciences
Raynen Jamieson
BCITSA 2019/2020 Chair of the School of Energy
Brin Farrell
BCITSA 2019/2020 Chair of the School of Transportation, Construction & the Environment
Louis Rivest
BCITSA 2019/2020 Chair of the School of Computing & Academic Studies
Dawson Verboven
BCITSA 2019/2020 Chair of the Downtown Campus (DTC)
Marizelle Magpantay
BCITSA 2019/2020 Chair of the Aerospace Technology Campus (ATC)
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Notice of Nominations

Do you want to make a difference on campus? Interested in becoming a leader or getting involved? Missed out on last year’s election? Take action now and run for a leadership position with the BCITSA or one of the Board of Governors or Education Council positions available through the institute!

The newly elected student executives will serve a term from June 1st, 2019 – May 31st, 2020. During this term, they will receive student executive benefits including an office, discounts at all BCITSA retail stores and pub, free part-time courses, invitations to special events, a discount on parking, and a monthly honorarium.

BCITSA Positions available to run for include:

  • President
  • Vice President Administration and Finance
  • Vice President Student Experience*
  • Vice President External
  • Vice President Equity and Sustainability**
  • Chair of the School of Business
  • Chair of the School of Health Sciences
  • Chair of the School of Energy
  • Chair of the School of Transportation, Construction and the Environment
  • Chair of the School of Computing and Academic Studies
  • Chair of the School of Aerospace Technology Campus (ATC)
  • Chair of Downtown Campus (DTC)***

BCIT Positions Available to run for:

  • Board of Governors (1)
  • Education Council (3)

*subject to amendments at the Feb 25th Special General Meeting, otherwise VP Student Affairs
** subject to amendments at the Feb 25th Special General Meeting, otherwise VP Campus Life
***subject to amendments creating the position at the Feb 25th Special General Meeting

Eligibility Requirements For BCITSA Executive Positions

  • A member, in good standing, with the BCITSA
  • A full-time student based on BCIT criteria, or alternatively, a part-time student enrolled in at least 3 courses.
  • Have a minimum of sixty-five per cent (65%) previous term standing GPA; however, a student who does not yet have a GPA from a previous term should write to
  • A full-time student within Level 1 or 2 of first term (for ATC candidates only)
  • Not have previously been required to resign as an SA Executive, if (1) twelve months have not elapsed and (2) Council has not, by a 2/3 Resolution, permitted them to run.

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Elections 2019 Important Dates

  • Nominations Open
  • Nomination forms available online or at BCITSA SE2 2nd and 3rd Floor

  • Nominations close
  • Deadline for Nomination Form
    • Please submit to CRO via email ( or drop off at BCITSA SE2 3rd Floor. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Submit printed campaign materials for approval

  • Candidate headshots taken (SE2 3rd Floor Reception)
  • All Candidates Meeting (SE2 Council Chambers)

  • Campaign Period

  • Voting period – online voting available via

  • Submit campaign budget and checklist to CRO

  • Official declaration of BCITSA annual elections results, SE2 Council Chambers.

  • Deadline to remove all campaign materials

**Download the 2019 Elections Important Dates Document Here**

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Election Committee

The BCITSA is currently seeking out students with a passion for democracy and fair play to sit on the Election Committee. Members of the committee are responsible for ensuring that elections are carried out on a level playing field, with all candidates following the rules. Successful applicants cannot run for election to an Executive position, but will gain valuable experience through the process. They will receive assistance from BCITSA staff to help them carry out their duties, and will coordinate with the Elections Administrator to ensure the smooth running of elections.

Successful applicants will be consensus-oriented, and will receive a $150 honorarium for their term, which runs until the end of May 2018. In addition, they will receive an additional honorarium of $150 for administering the Spring Executive Elections. More information about the role can be found in the Bylaw excerpt below. Interested applicants can send their CV and a brief statement to

Excerpt from BCITSA Bylaw 11, adopted by Special Resolution on 29 February 2016.

  1. Election Committee:
    1. The Election Committee shall be composed of
      1. The Chief Returning Officer
      2. Two (2) Deputy Returning Officers
    2. Members of the Election Committee shall
      1. Not be a current Student Executive or member of Council.
      2. Not have been a Student Executive or member of Council in the 12 months prior to their appointment.
      3. Not be eligible to stand for election as a Student Executive
      4. Be appointed for a term from October 1st to May 31st.
    3. The Election Committee shall be responsible for the interpretation of the Elections bylaw and of the electoral process. All findings of fact made by the committee shall be final, save for where such finding is patently unreasonable, such that no reasonable decision-maker could have made such a finding.
    4. The Elections Committee will rule on questions of candidate eligibility and will hear complaints filed during the election period.
    5. The Elections Committee may consult on administrative matters with
      1. The Human Resources Generalist, and/or
      2. The Vice-President, Student Affairs, provided that he is not himself a candidate for election.
    6. The Elections committee shall be advised on matters of natural justice by a member of the Advocacy staff appointed by the Executive Director.
    7. Members of the Election Committee shall attend a training session organized by the BCITSA Executive Director or her designee.
    8. The Election Committee shall provide Council with a written report upon the conclusion of an election, including the results of all rulings and decisions made by either the Election Committee or the Appeals Committee, with the report to be preserved by the Association.
    9. The Election Committee shall reach decisions by consensus.
      1. Notwithstanding 4(i) above, where it is the opinion of the Advocacy staff member appointed under 4(f) above that there is no reasonable likelihood of reaching consensus, a decision shall be taken by majority vote.
    10. Decisions of the Election Committee shall be made having regard to these bylaws, principles of natural justice, and analogous decisions of previous Election Committees and Appeal Committees.
    11. Members of the Election Committee shall receive an honorarium for their term, and a further stipend for each election or by-election they administer.
      1. The amounts of remuneration permitted above shall be fixed by Council and reviewed from time to time.
    12. Any duties of the Elections Committee that fall outside of the term of the Committee under (b)(iv) above shall be carried out by the President and Vice President, Student Affairs in conjunction with the Executive Director, at their discretion.

Elections Committee Details

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