The BCITSA hosts a wide range of clubs from many different disciplines! Whatever your interest is, there’s certainly something here for you. There are more than fifty clubs of various sizes available, always recruiting new members and offering leadership positions. If you don’t see an existing club that catches your eye, you can start a new club! The process is quick and simple.

Clubs are a great way to meet new friends, enhance your soft skills, earn valuable resume ready experience, network, leave your mark on the BCIT community, and most importantly, have fun!


Starting a club is a simple 4 step process! If you have any questions, consult the FAQ section down below. The Club Program Coordinator is available virtually or in-person to support you through the process.

4 Steps to Starting a Club


Complete and submit the application to start a new club. Submit the completed package to the Club Program Coordinator at This will be reviewed with the VP of Student Experience.


Next, you will be invited to represent the interests of your club at a Clubs Committee meeting for a brief 5-minute presentation about your club and its general operations. Members of the Clubs Committee may ask questions to clarify the proposal of the club or request further information.


The Clubs Committee will vote on whether to recommend the club be formally sanctioned under BCIT SA. That recommendation will be communicated to the Student Council, who will vote on a motion to approve or deny the sanctioning of the club.


You will be notified of the decision by the Club Program Coordinator. If approved as a club, there will be an orientation session scheduled with the Club Program Coordinator.


How long does it take to process the application form?

After applying, it will take around one month for the sanctioning decision to be made.

What are the benefits of starting a club?

Depending on the club type, BCITSA sanctioned clubs receive benefits including free room booking at the Student Association building, access to event funding, free equipment rentals, as well as other resources. Clubs can also receive financial support for their competitions in other provinces and countries, and clubs executives can receive help from BCITSA Career Specialists regarding sponsorship advice and resume help, amongst support with other resources.

What are the three classifications of clubs on the application form?

There are three club classifications at BCITSA: General, Designated, and Casual Club

General Club: A General Club is a club that has all the rights and responsibilities of a club. A General Club shall also have full access to all club resources.

Students seeking to create a General Club shall be required to obtain and complete the applicable sections of the Club Sanctioning Form from either the Club Program Coordinator or the BCITSA website.

Casual Club: A Casual Club is less regimented and requires fewer responsibilities from its members than a General Club. Casual Clubs shall have limited access to Club Resources, and no access to funding of any kind.

Designated Club: A Designated Club bears the name of and professes the policies of a political party, religious organization, or similar. Designated Clubs shall normally have all the rights and responsibilities. Designated Clubs shall not have access to funding of any kind.

What information is needed for my club sanctioning application?

General and Designated Clubs: The Club Sanctioning Form may be altered from time to time, but at all times shall collect the following information:

i. Club Name

ii. Club Acronym or Initialism (If applicable)

iii. Which classification the proposed Club falls under

iv. Primary Contact Information of the Club

v. A list of Club Executives

vi. A list of at least 10 members who are current students

vii. A Club Constitution

Casual Clubs: The Club Sanctioning Form may be altered from time to time, but at minimum shall collect the following information from Casual Clubs:

i. Club Name

ii. Statement of Intent

iii. Primary Contact Information of the Club

iv. List of at least 5 members who are current students.

Can I switch my club’s classification after it is sanctioned?

Of course! Clubs will need to go through the sanctioning process again to obtain approval from council. Clubs may use the same application if the members on the form are still current students.

With over fifty different clubs to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Our student clubs span across many disciplines, including, but not limited to, Business, Trades, Computer Sciences, Health Sciences, and Engineering. Take a scroll through our list and see if something catches your attention.


American Concrete Institute Chapter Club

The ACI Chapter is a club for students passionate about concrete technology. Through this club, students can participate in social events, field trips, and informational sessions. The highlight of the BCIT ACI Chapter is the annual ACI Student Competition. Each year students engage in a challenge with different concrete design requirements. The competition is held in a different city each year. Competitions include Eco Concrete, FRC Bowling Ball Design, and Mortar Workability. With a different competition each year, members gain an opportunity to try varying disciplines while advancing career-applicable skills. The chapter has been awarded Outstanding University by the American Concrete Institute for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2012, 2011, and 2010.



ASCM Student Chapter

The ASCM Student Chapter is a student-run organization with members from the two-year Business Operations Management Diploma program. ASCM stands for “Association of Supply Chain Management”.


Architectural Connections

The purpose of this club is to foster connections for the students interested in architecture at. Connections between classmates, connections between the diploma and degree architectural programs, connections between students and educators, connections between education and the industry, and connections between past students (alumni) and current students. This organization is a stepping stone in giving students a voice to organize events, improve their education and, a greater sense of unity in the architectural programs to create a legacy for future architectural students.

Email | Facebook

BCIT Accounting Association

We are a BCIT student-run club that organizes networking events for accounting students. Our mission is to be a representative for financial management students exploring networking opportunities in the accounting and finance industries. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a real financial professional? Well, instead of waiting until after you’ve graduated to get a taste of the accounting or finance industry, we have made it our goal to get students involved now!

Website | Instagram  | Facebook

BCIT Anime Club

Started in 2013, the club’s objective was to bring fans of anime and manga in BCIT together, whether it be in-person events or screenings (now online). We plan to host events primarily in the Burnaby Campus, but some events may be in the Downtown Campus as well! To get involved, join the discord server to learn more about the club!

Email | FacebookInstagram | Discord

BCIT Chess Club

Take a break from your classes and studies to play a game of chess. BCIT Chess Club is finally giving the opportunity for chess players and those interested in chess to gather around to exhibit and hone their skills. Even players without prior knowledge or players with introductory knowledge of chess can participate in the chess lessons held by club members. Everyone knows that chess players are always one step ahead!

Email | Facebook | Twitter

Board Games Association

From Mahjong to Catan, D&D to Magic: The Gathering, and everything in between; the Board Games Association is on a mission to kick back and have some fun at BCIT. We play games every Friday and host tons of events each month. Check us out at our Discord below!

Email | DiscordInstagram

BCIT Bridge Building Competition Club (BBCC)

BBCC is a group of passionate engineering students that participate in the Troitsky Bridge Building competition every year. BCIT students compete with other universities around Canada to design and build the most efficient bridge. This bridge is built using only white glue, popsicle sticks and dental floss. BBCC is an opportunity for students to collaborate with each other and obtain new skills that will support them in their engineering careers.

Instagram | Email

BCIT Building Science Club (BSC)

We are the platform for sharing innovation and leadership in building design, construction, and operation. We convene anyone concerned about building science, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility to dive into the details of creating better buildings. Whether you’re interested in building science, Passive House, net-zero, LEED, or just better building practice, please explore, learn, and engage!


BCIT Computing Club

BCIT Computing Club was originally founded by CST students to help build community at the Downtown Campus.

With COVID keeping us away from campus, we think it’s more important than ever that we come together, virtually. This upcoming term we plan on hosting friendly Q&A sessions about the CST program, job-seeking, and Co-op.

We’ll also be hosting crash courses in various technologies to help each other develop industry-relevant skills, as well as whiteboarding and exam prep sessions. You don’t have to be a CST student to join, everyone with an interest in computing is welcome!

Email | Discord

BCIT Dance Club

Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community for students who are passionate and interested about dance and want to explore their creative potential. All skills levels are invited to join, and we hope to help other students improve their mental and physical health along with appreciation of different cultures and forming new social connections.

Instagram: bcitdanceclub

BCIT Dev Hub

The BCIT Dev Hub was founded by a group of dedicated Part-time and Full-time students to create a connected community that promotes technological development for both Part-time and Full-time students from any department. Formerly known as the PTS Computing Club, our mission is to foster a collaborative environment that empowers students to enhance their technical skills into development and grow academically. We aim to create a platform that connects students across different departments and encourages collaboration and innovation.


BCIT Engineering Student Society (BCIT ESS)

The BCIT Engineering Students’ Society (BCIT ESS) is a partnership between Mechanical, Electrical and Civil engineering students, brought together to enrich the life of all BCIT engineering students by coordinating social events, interdisciplinary projects, competitions, and professional seminars.

Youtube | WebsiteInstagram | Discord

BCIT Esports Association

The BCIT eSports Association is a group for anybody who enjoys gaming, from beginners to professionals. It brings people from the community together to build connections, memorable experiences, and fantastic opportunities.


BCIT Finance Association

Our goal is to connect our members to each other and the industry by creating and organizing events, panels and programs which educate on current leading-edge topics in the financial sector. We are here to open up your career possibilities. Email us your questions to get started!

Email | Facebook

BCIT Firearms Club

The BCITSA Firearms Club aims to introduce students to the firearms in a Canadian context, providing information about safety, applicable laws and history relating to them. We also offer students a chance to try out firearms in a safe and legal setting, as well as offer guidance in getting started with the Canadian firearms licensing process if desired. As part of this we offer a casual introduction to organized shooting sports of different disciplines, as well as the local firearms communities in the area.

We largely organize and ‘meet’ virtually on Discord, though we try to organize trips to local shooting ranges when we can. Having a firearms license is not required to be a member. All shooting activities are supervised by licensed individuals.

Discord | Email

BCIT Geomatics Club

The BCIT Geomatics Club consists of students in the geomatics diploma and degree programs, working together to supply fellow students with help in their studies, offer a window into the workforce, and supply resources to attend geomatics-related events.

Feel free to send us an email if you are interested.

LinkedIn   |   Instagram

BCIT Marketing Association (BCITMA)

The BCIT Marketing Association (BCITMA) is one of the longest standing associations at BCIT. As a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), BCITMA provides professional development, networking, real-world learning experiences for its members. Every year BCITMA competes annually at the AMA Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. Competing against Ivy League schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, the conference allows BCITMA members the recognition of their hard work and skills on an international level.

Website | Facebook

BCIT Real Estate Association

The BCIT Real Estate Association provides opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals and gain valuable experience that can help them after graduation. We offer a variety of events and programs throughout the school year to help our members learn and grow in their field. Join us today and take the first step towards a bright future in real estate!

Email | Website | Linkedin | Instagram

BCIT Human Resources Association

The Human Resources Association (HRA) is a student-led group committed to providing students who are interested in a career in the field of Human Resource Management with networking and other opportunities to aid in the transition from university to career. We strive to:

  • Create awareness of the HR profession and current developments in the HR field
  • Establish a connection between students, alumni, business and HR Professionals to create networking opportunities
  • Provide an enriched foundation for social interaction and support for the HR Management students at BCIT

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BCIT is the first polytechnic to be invited to western Canada’s premier business competition, JDC West. Every year, 600 students from 12 top business schools attend this highly-competitive and dynamic event. In preparation, student competitors undergo industry training which gives them a unique set of tools to excel professionally.

Widely recognized by industry as representing the brightest business students in the country, JDC West is a one-way ticket to your dream job.

Email | Facebook | Instagram

BCIT Motorsports

BCIT Motorsports was founded to help connect auto enthusiasts throughout all schools at BCIT. We want to build great cars and participate in various events.

Email | Website | Facebook | Instagram

BCIT Outdoor Club

The Outdoors Club is a student run club dedicated to organize outdoor adventures for students to meet new like-minded people and have some fun. We will plan group activities such as hiking, biking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, beach days, or any other outdoors activities.

EmailInstagram | Discord

BCIT Racing

Check back here shortly, our club description will be added soon.

Email | Website | Discord | Instagram

BCIT Powerlifting

BCIT Powerlifting was created to gather like minded individuals at BCIT. Our aim is to educate students on the proper ways to lift weights while encouraging others to get healthy, active, and connecting others.


BCIT Student Nursing Association (SNA)

The BCIT SNA is a student-run organization that acts to enhance the education of BCIT nursing students. Operating with faculty support, we seek to provide extended learning opportunities, and to engage nursing students in the Community at large. Our vision statement is to achieve excellence in cultivating community and global leaders through encouraging student engagement, professional development and personal growth in the BCIT nursing student population.

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BCIT University Christian Ministries

BCIT UCM is a student club that holds small group meetings, Bible studies, and other events on the Burnaby campus. Our purpose is to build a Christian community that will enhance our relationship with God, care for and encourage fellow believers, and share our experience of Jesus Christ with those around us. All are welcome!

Website | Email

BCIT Women in Computing

BCIT Women in Computing is a group of like-minded individuals who support equality in the Technology field. Our goal is to support current female students to thrive in their academics while also forming strong connections with female professionals working in


Vancouver’s Tech community. WIC is not exclusive to only female students, but we

welcome anyone who supports the club’s visions.


BCIT Young Women in Business (YWIB)

YWiB BCIT was founded with the purpose of connecting ambitions students across various schools that share the same belief of female empowerment in the professional workplace. YWiB is a progressively growing network across Greater Vancouver and has since grown nationally. It provides opportunities that facilitate growth for its members. Members have access to networking opportunities and meeting industry professionals that share their insight and experience through workshops and seminars.


BCIT-UBC Biotechnology Club

The Biotechnology Club was founded in 2008 with the focus of bridging the gap between BCIT and UBC students in the Biotechnology program. The purpose of this club is the bring perspective and experience to the current students and to unite the Biotechnology community through social and networking events.


Business Information Technology Management (BITMAN)

The BITMAN association’s mission is to act as a conduit between our members and the IT Industry, building strong relationships that will be mutually beneficial for the industry and the students.


Global Trade and Transportation Management (GTTM)

The Business Management Association engages management students in the practical application of program concepts through brand development workshops, networking, and creating value through partnerships. Although leadership positions are restricted to students of the Business Management Diploma, membership is welcome to all students at BCIT. Our events focus on improving your brand and your network. Members are encouraged to get involved with their own success by participating and collaborating.


Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME)

The aim of BCIT Mechanical Engineering Student Society is to foster relationships and bring together mechanical engineering students, faculty and professionals by way of academic, social and recreational events.


Coding For All

We are a club geared towards making coding fun. We focus on instilling that technology is enjoyable and impressive. Through holding teaching/ mentoring events for a younger generation, we will bring prospective students together with current students. These social activities will build confidence to pursue a computer science education.


Developers Student Club (DSC)

Developer Student Club (DSC) is a community group, sponsored by Google, for BCIT computing students from any academic background in their undergraduate or graduate term. Our goal is to spread technical knowledge and empower students to impact their communities through technology.


Enactus BCIT is a club of students who believe that entrepreneurial action matched with sustainable business practices can empower our Greater Vancouver community, and communities around the world. With the mentorship of faculty advisors and industry professionals, Enactus BCIT members apply their schooling to launch social impact ventures that address the 17 UN Sustainable Development goals within our communities.

Website | Email

English Corner

English Corner is an informal space to practice conversational English and make new friends. At English Corner participants share their ideas and discover ways to build community. English Corner is facilitated by trained volunteers.

The group meets every Wednesday @ 3 pm on the library main floor. Drop-ins are welcome.


IEEE BCIT Student Branch

IEEE stands for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. At BCIT our Student Branch represents students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program.

Website | Email

Indigenous Culture Club

The BCIT Indigenous Culture Club is a student-run organization for any student on campus who is interested in Indigenous culture, history, issues, or activities. The members of this club are First Nations, Metis, Inuit, non-Indigenous, and come from many different backgrounds and experience. Through traditional teachings and practices we aim to provide a platform in which to connect the BCIT community.


International Social Club

The BCIT International Social Club aims to serve the international student community at BCIT by providing social events that bring students together to have fun, learn about other cultures, network, and to support each other while away from home. It is a place to meet friends from around the world while here at BCIT!


Mining Engineering Club

The intent of the Mining Engineering Club is to build relationships between mining students, faculty, student chapters and industry professionals through activities such as field trips, social events, academic projects and competitions.


Muslim Students Club

The Muslim Students Association is a multifaceted club dedicated to be a resource on Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We are there for anybody interested in learning about Islam from the source! Our club activities also include hosting Friday prayer services, discussions, social events, and sporting events and in doing so we seek to unify Muslim students from all different cultural backgrounds.

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering promotes the development, acquisition, and exchange of professional knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering. Our student club assists in doing this by hosting technical seminars, supporting student competitions and social events, and mostly help develop networks between the BCIT students, faculty, and industry.

Website | Email

Ukrainian Students Club

The BCIT Ukrainian Students Club is a place where you can make new friends and spend a great time. It is a place where passionate and creative students meet. Place where we provide support and community. Thank you for your interest in our club.



The LGBTQ+ Club is for anyone who self identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two-Spirited, Non-Binary, Pansexual, Asexual or anything else that falls under the umbrella of the rainbow.

All events are welcome to all LGBTQ+ BCIT students who want to socialize with each other. All events are scent-free, check out the Facebook page for more information. All events are safe space, no harassment, discrimination, or hate speech aloud. Join us for our welcoming, fun, engaging and entertaining monthly event(s) held the (approximately) third week of each month. Check out the Facebook page for event listings.

Email | Facebook

White Hat Cyber Crew (WHCC)

Introducing the White Hat Cyber Crew – your key to unlocking the world of cybersecurity!

Ready to fortify your digital defenses and explore the thrilling realm of online security? Join us on an exciting adventure into the world of ethical hacking and cyber protection. At White Hat Cyber Crew, we’re committed to arming you with the skills and know-how to become a digital hero. Dive into our engaging workshops, hands-on projects, and enlightening events designed to make learning cybersecurity accessible and enjoyable. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just curious about the cybersecurity landscape, our crew provides the perfect platform to connect with fellow enthusiasts and embark on this vital journey. Don’t miss out join us today and proudly become a part of the White Hat Cyber Crew.



Here is a carefully curated list of resources that you and your student club executive team may find helpful. These forms deal with topics such as club accounting, governance, event management, event planning, and sponsorship & fundraising. If you can’t find what you need, speak to your club coordinator for more information.


Guides & Policies

Clubs Guide (2022-2023 coming soon)
This guide is an overview of the procedures, guidelines, and resources that student leaders need to know to successfully operate a BCITSA Club.

Clubs Policies
This Policy applies to all students and employees who are involved in the Club Program at BCITSA, as well as any external parties that are affiliated with a Club.

Accounting Guide for Clubs (2022-2023 Coming soon)
This guide outlines ways that club executives can manage club funds in a manner that sustains the longevity of the club for past, present, and future students and leaders.



Clubs Reimbursement Form
To be reimbursed for club-related purchases, executives must have a copy of the itemized receipt, or the itemized invoice marked as paid.
See the Accounting Guide for Clubs for reimbursement procedures.

Sponsorship Invoice Template
When a sponsor is going to send your club money, it’s important to provide them with an invoice template on where to send the cheque.
Always be sure to send a copy of your invoice to the Club Program Coordinator.


Event Management

Event Planning Guide

Event Planning Guide 
The event planning guide will give you a basic structure of how to plan an event start to finish

This event checklist will make sure you don’t forget any important details for your event

Room Booking and AV Rentals

Room Booking Form
All room booking and AV rentals must be done through the Room Booking form:

AV Services
You can find more information about AV rentals at your designated BCIT campus,

Floor Plans
For information on available rooms and venues on any of our BCIT campuses


BCITSA Habitat Pub
If you would like to order from the Habitat Pub, kindly contact the Clubs Program Coordinator at least 14 business days in advance.

If you would like to order from Chartwells, kindly submit an order with the Clubs Program Coordinator at least 72 business hours prior to your event.



Transition Planning for Clubs
Use this guide to help the outgoing and incoming club executives successfully transition, and keep your club sustainable.

Running an AGM
All General and Designated Clubs are required to hold a minimum of one AGM, where your club will talk about finances, board elections and other important matters that affect the club.
AGM Minutes must be attached to the end of the online Annual Report form (see annual report below)

Annual Report
All clubs, except casual clubs, are required to submit an Annual Report to the Club Program Coordinator, no later than the end of their Fiscal Year. The Annual Report is designed to be a transition document to help keep your club sustainable.

Clubs Executive Positions & Responsibilities
This document includes some standard roles and some expanded ones. The responsibilities in bold must be assumed by someone on the club’s executive board:

Clubs Constitution and Bylaws
This document includes a constitution template to provide guidance, consistency, and transparency for your club. There should be a specific process for revising its contents.


Funding Applications

Event Funding Application

If general clubs require funding for an event, please fill out this application at least 4 weeks prior. The Clubs Committee will review your request at the monthly meeting.

Student Competition Funding Application

The BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) allocates funds on behalf of BCIT to support students and student clubs with their participation in competitions. Funding is available for students and clubs not from the School of Business*

How to Include Club Experiences in Your Resume

Including your club achievements can be an effective way to showcase your skills and abilities, especially when you don’t have much professional work experience. Understanding how clubs can enhance your resume will give you the tools to strengthen your job applications, thus setting you apart in the hiring process.

How to get started

First, identify the skills and values relevant to the employer’s needs and wants. You can do this by reviewing the job description and speaking to an industry expert in your chosen field or someone from the company you’re interested in working for. Perhaps strong communication and interpersonal skills are highlighted in the qualifications section or responsibilities section of the job post. Or you might find out from a networking session that the employer is prioritizing someone who can operate under tight schedules and manage their time well. Researching the company and the role you are applying to can help determine the type of club experience you want to highlight on your resume and how to describe it.

Which Club Experiences to Include?

Next, think about what you have done in your club and assess how these experiences have prepared you for the position you’re applying to. For instance, as a BCITSA Club Executive, you might have spent a lot of time leading, organizing, and managing logistics for groups of students. Highlighting these skills with concrete examples demonstrate to the employer you have what it takes to succeed in the workplace. Professional skills you might develop as a Club Executive may include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Initiative
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Conflict management
  • Organization
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Event planning

Where to Include your Club Experiences

Where you dedicate club experience on your resume depends on your role, scope and level of responsibility within the organization, how relevant it is to the job you are applying to, and if you have other experiences to showcase. Be intentional about where you place your extracurricular activities to leverage your skills and experience.


Places you could include club experiences on your resume:


  1. Experience Section: If you have dedicated a significant amount of time committed to your club responsibilities comparable to a part-time job, it may be best to include it in the experience section, especially if you developed relevant skills to the industry you’re targeting. For example, you organized multiple events and created social media posts in your school club as the VP of External Events. These achievements may demonstrate a strong match for the positions in marketing you are applying to and would be well-suited to include in your experience section.


  1. Extracurricular Activities Section: If you have been involved in multiple extracurriculars, you can dedicate an entire section to listing your extracurricular activities. This is especially beneficial if the listed activities are relevant to the role you’re applying to. Nonetheless, employers will take note of your dedication to professional development activities and your ability to take initiative and demonstrate a strong work ethic and leadership qualities.


  1. Education Section: Including a club section within your education section can be beneficial if the activity is related to your academic program and/or if you gained a certificate or training as a result. For example, if you volunteered as a BCIT Set Representative to advocate for student concerns, highlight your leadership, communication abilities, and/or conflict management under that activity.


In summary, there are various sections of your resume you can list your extracurriculars. Ask yourself these questions to help determine where they may be best suited:


  • How much time did I dedicate to the volunteer role? And did I develop transferrable skills to the role I am applying to?
  • Have I been involved in multiple volunteering roles?
  • Does my volunteer role relate to my academic program and/or did I gain a certificate?

How to List Your Club Experiences on a Resume

Regardless of where you choose to list your extracurriculars, you should present these activities like you would as work experience, by including the role/position you held, the name of the organization, and the dates/period of your participation. You also want to include bullet points with accomplishment statements that detail your responsibilities, the skills you developed and specific achievements. Check out this resource on writing accomplishment statements.

Below are resume examples to show how this looks in practice.

Relevant Club Experience

Human Resources Association – VP of Events | BCITSA, Burnaby, BC                                              Sept 2021- May 2022

A student organization/club aimed to provide BCIT HR students exposure to industry through interactive workshops, volunteer, and networking opportunities.

  • Planned and executed 8 successful virtual industry events to increase student learning and insights on various HR topics, engaging a total of 160 participants in attendance.
  • Created promotional content, marketed via social media channels, (i.e. LinkedIn, IG, newsletter) and communicated to student networks across campus.

HR Recruitment Experience Project – Peer Reviewer Volunteer | BCITSA, Burnaby, BC    July – Sept 2021

A program designed for HR students and recent graduates to gain hands-on practice in the recruitment & selection process and enhance job-ready skills while supporting BCIT peers.                                                                              

  • Learned how to develop effective job postings to build an inclusive and diverse talent pool.
  • Developed resume screening and assessment techniques and recruitment best practices.
  • Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills by providing constructive resume feedback to BCIT peer mentees.

Extracurricular Experience

International Peer Mentor Volunteer | BCITSA, Burnaby, BC                   Sept 2020 – Dec 2020

A peer-to-peer support program, connecting new international students beginning their education at BCIT.

  • Provided support and guidance to international students, sharing personal experiences and perspectives of student life, and referred to appropriate resources as needed.
  • Organized engaging activities in-person and virtually to build social connections and increase comfort and confidence.

The Intrapreneurship Edge Program | BCITSA, Burnaby, BC                   Mar 2021 – May 2021

In partnership with Microsoft Garage, this program is designed to provide students with training on how to use entrepreneurial skills as an employee within an organization. Participants complete a strength-based assessment, self-study modules, and a case project.

  • Completed 3 online modules and actively participated in workshops delivered by Microsoft Garage.
  • Practiced leadership skills, goal setting, creative problem-solving, and decision-making through teamwork on a 4-week case project, earned a micro-credential.

Certified Peak Leader | Peak Leadership Program | BCITSA                  Sept 2021 – Mar 2022

The Peak Leadership program is a 25 hrs hands-on, team-based leadership program that provides aspiring leaders with the tools to develop professional skills and practical leadership experience.                                                                          

  • Advanced my understanding of professional leadership topics by attending various webinars and training sessions led by CEOs, VPs, and industry professionals.
  • Identified and exercised unique strengths through hands-on team projects.

Education and Training

Business Information Technology Management Diploma                                          2020 – 2022

British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, BC

  • Acquired practical experience & training in project management, business intelligence, consulting & problem-solving, and enterprise finance.
  • Successful completion of a 3-month Business Consulting Project; filled a consultant role for a local business to provide recommendations and strategic solutions to a business challenge/problem.

Extracurricular Achievement:

Set Representative, BCITSA                                                                                                  2021-2022

  • Demonstrated leadership experience; acted as the first point of contact to connect, provide input, and advocate for student concerns.
  • Exercised effective time management; successfully integrated extracurricular activities with intensive coursework (7-8 courses per term).

Case Competition Examples

Note: Your experience with case competitions can be placed in any of the resume sections: Relevant Experience, Extracurriculars, Education or Selected Projects.


JDC West 2022 Case Competition | Winnipeg, MB                                                              April 2022

JDC West is a prestigious undergraduate annual competition, showcasing disciplines in 4 categories (Academics, Athletics, Debate, and Social). The event is held over 3 days with over 650 undergraduates from 12 of the premier post secondary institutes across Western Canada.

  • Collaborated with 3 BCIT JDC West team members to provide solutions to a real-life business problem in the Academics – Business Strategy category.
  • Utilized critically thinking and marketing expertise to propose recommendations and implementation plan within a 3-hour timeframe.
  • Demonstrated high level of public speaking and professionalism through presenting the proposed solutions and answering critical questions to a panel of judges.


Data Analytics QDS Hackathon | BCIT Student’s Association                                        Jan 2022                                                        The interdisciplinary hackathon comprised of computing & business students to ideate and develop a prototype with a scalable business model.                            

  • Awarded 1st place among 125 participants in a collaborative programming project with team of 5 students.
  • Developed a Web and Android App that guide users to free parking/meter spots and commute routes with transit-hybrid capabilities called ‘Park & Save.’
  • Learned and expanded knowledge on using publicly available data to integrate with the app development, creating data driven insights to solve real world problems.
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