Clubs for Community

Since the transition to online learning in late March, the majority of our SA clubs have faced many challenges keeping their membership engaged and recruiting new BCIT students. The Clubs for Community Campaign aims to assist you with two of the main issues your clubs will face in the online fall term, as well as provide funding earmarked for future club events, whether they be virtual or in-person depending on the current health guidelines.

This program runs from September 15th to November 30th.


Firstly, decide on what activities or organizations interest you and your club members. The next step is taking a moment to think about your personal comfort level, as well as that of your teammates. This will look differently for everyone, and since small groups are a must in our current health environment, splitting your club into a few sub-teams is recommended (but will depend on the number of members participating). You are the team captain, so sign your club up and start early! Every person who participates does good for the community and does good for your club.


  • A way to engage your existing membership
  • A call to action to recruit new members (your club may be featured on the LINK or our social medial channels)
  • Fosters a friendly competition with other clubs
  • Makes your club eligible for event funding (up to $2500)



Webcode: BCIT008962
Team Name: BCIT Student Association

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Webcode: No code necessary

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