Workshop Series

The Career Workshop Series runs from September to May at our Burnaby and Downtown & Aerospace Campuses. It continues to run July to August at our Burnaby Campus. Career Specialists will facilitate workshops at satellite campuses upon request from students, instructors, faculty or staff.  Check Upcoming Events for workshops and events scheduled at satellites, or contact your Career Specialist to schedule a workshop.

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Write a Resume that Gets Noticed | How to Write Impressive Cover Letters | How to Ace Your Job Interview | Effective Job Search Strategies | Online Workshops

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Write a Resume that Gets Noticed

Do you have a resume but want to learn how to improve it? This workshop will help you to understand the best way to market yourself in your resume.
Be ready to create your personal value proposition and re-write some key sections of your resume.
Practice makes perfect – bring your current resume and a sample job posting!

How to Write Impressive Cover Letters

Confused about what to write in your cover letter?  Hint: don’t summarize or repeat what’s in your resume! This workshop will help you to identify how to write an impressive cover letter that complements your resume and strengthens your job application.  You will practice writing key paragraphs that deliver personalized and evidence- based value. To get the most out of this workshop, bring your current cover letter and a sample job posting!

How to Ace Your Job Interview

Your job interview is sort of like going on a first date – it can be exciting but nerve-wracking. In this workshop you will learn that the interviewing process does not always have to be the nervous, uncomfortable situation that you think it will be. Knowing how to prepare for a job interview, how to demonstrate your non-verbal communication skills, and practicing some common interview questions can help you to feel more confident and comfortable.  Expect to leave with practical strategies to ace your future job interviews!

Effective Job Search Strategies

Only applying for jobs online? Do you want to start networking but don’t know how to? In this workshop, you will learn about networking strategies and other effective ways to find work. This workshop will also help you to prepare your personal pitch and get ready for informational interviews. Join this workshop and learn how to navigate the hidden job market!

Online Workshops

Our online workshops are designed for BCIT students and alumni who require a flexible learning schedule and who can’t make it to campus for our in-person workshop series.

Our online workshops are more than an information dump. They are facilitated and designed to help you to produce results.  You will start and finish the workshop with the same group of students and will have the opportunity to interact with the facilitator and often with the other participants as well. Your Career Specialist will provide you with professional feedback and upon successful completion of each workshop, you will produce the tools and gain the information that you need in order to launch a successful job search.

Online workshops are open to all BCIT students and alumni.

BCITSA Career Services now offers online workshops on the following topics:

  • Write a Resume that Gets Noticed
  • How to Write Impressive Cover Letters
  • How to Impress Employers and Prepare for Industry Days