What are you waiting for? Build Job Ready Skills & Experience Now


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Many ask, “how can I meet the employer’s requirements on job postings when I’m just starting out?” Build job-ready skills and get valuable transferable experience while you’re a student. That’s how. Employers pay attention to what you’ve done to prepare for your career before you graduate – they are looking for more than a degree.

Let’s look at what you can do to set yourself up with sought-after skills and experience now (and all in the comfort of your own BCIT backyard):

Get involved: Join a club – did you know there are 46 active clubs at BCIT? Choose one you’re interested in, participate and hone your organizational and management skills. Being part of a group with similar interests also boosts your teamwork (and fun) proficiency. Volunteer and develop your leadership skills as a Set Representative and work to enhance the school experience of your classmates.

Practice your Skills: Consider BCITSA’s Career or Entrepreneurial Mentorship programs. Signing on to be a mentee demonstrates your desire to learn, set goals and fine tunes your relationship building skills. Become a peer tutor and take your communication and interpersonal skills to a new level. If you can’t take on a long-term commitment, take advantage of short-term opportunities to develop your skills such as attending a 1-day leadership conference. BCITSA’s IxL Leadership Conference is planned for March 9th – mark your calendar!

Maximize your project work, especially Capstone projects, by using them to showcase your time management, problem-solving and project management skills. A bonus is the completed project can be included in your career portfolio, highlighted in your resume and discussed in an interview.

Make a Plan:  Visit a Career Specialist early in your school career and tap into their expertise in helping you make a plan for gaining experience. Along with offering career preparation workshops and one-to-one office hours, these pros organize employer events, so you can develop your professionalism and ramp up your networking skills while you’re in school.

Yup, you’re busy and focused, try not to think of these activities as on top of your studies but part of your studies. Gaining these skills and experiences will set you apart from others who have not been as proactive and involved while taking on the busy workload of a BCIT student.

C’mon, what are you waiting for?