Simba Technologies Visits BCIT


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Classroom learning gains relevance when learners get a chance to see the inner workings of the tech companies they might be applying their skills at in future. Like most B2B tech companies, Simba Technologies—acquired by Magnitude in 2016—has a complex array of solutions and products that are hard to absorb by a quick glance at their website. Luckily for a group of graduating Computer Systems Technology students at BCIT, Simba visited their class to unpack their data connectivity solutions and walk them through the different development phases, from solutions engineering to integration.

Nadia Dobrianskaia, Solutions Engineer and graduate of CST, didn’t know her role existed when she was at BCIT, and her advice to students is to learn about the different areas and pathways in software development now to understand how they can leverage their unique strengths and find the right fit. Solutions Engineering involves solving business challenges, influencing product development and gathering and investigating business needs. Vish Nekkanti and Jelena Furundzik, both Software Developers, got into the nitty-gritty of their SimbaEngine Software Development Kit and how its ODBC and JDBC drivers streamline data connectivity to help other developers reduce cost and time to market. Microsoft, Teradata, and SAP are just some of the companies using this technology to accelerate their product development.

Simba’s Development Manager, Andrei Markov, highlighted the increasing role their technology plays in helping businesses and Independent Software Vendors manage their data connectivity. The digital transformation affects major components like cloud computing, mobile, social, IoT and B2B process integration. Anyone in the software development field is striving for smarter and simpler ways to harness the potential of data. If you’re curious about Big Data and the increasingly data-driven landscape of business and technology, check out Simba’s blog to stay informed of trends and challenges in the industry. Reach out to them on LinkedIn for more info, and keep an eye on their careers page for opportunities to join Simba’s team!