Mentoring is not just teaching or counselling – it involves fostering a mentee’s relationship with a person of experience and helping them prepare for the future. It is a continuous relationship of learning and growing for both mentees and mentors.a The BCIT Student Association provides mentorship in Career Services, Entrepreneurial Services and for School of Business: International

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Career Mentorship Stream

The Career Mentorship Stream is a free extra-curricular program designed to give students the opportunity to be paired with an industry professional (mentors) over six months. The mentor’s role is to share their experience in career development, work-life balance and help their mentee gain a better understanding of employer expectations, job requirements, effective job search techniques and accessing the hidden job market.

Successful mentees have clear goals in mind, are open to receiving valuable advice and feedback and ready to act on suggestions made by their mentor.

Tell Me More about being a Mentee

Program Requirements:

  • Total Length of the program is 6 months, including 1 in-person meeting per month of at least 1 hour. Follow up throughout the rest of the month is needed.
  • The program is designed to be mentee-driven, meaning our mentees are expected to take the initiative for the relationship.
  • Mentee’s are responsible for connecting with their mentors, scheduling meetings, providing meeting agendas to their mentor before meetings, and coming prepared with topics and discussion points.
  • Creating at least 3 smart goals to work on over the 6 months with your mentor.
  • Completing mandatory monthly progress reports on time for program staff.

Number of Mentees Accepted

We accept 50 for each intake:

  • Term 1: September to February (application process May to July)
  • Term 2: February to July (application process November to January)

Application Process:

  • Completion of application form for Term 1 (deadline to apply is October 21, 2019)
  • Upload or email your resume to
  • Completion of online Information Session
  • Schedule and attend an interview

Selection Process and Criteria

  • Ready for mentorship*
    • Currently, you are:
      • Conducting job search techniques
      • Exploring industry knowledge
      • Ready to or actively conducting information interviews
      • Networking
      • Have clear goals of what you want to work on with a mentor
  • Full or part-time BCIT student in a declared program with at least first term completed
  • Understand and able to meet mandatory program commitments (as stated above)
  • Understands selection is subject to mentor availability
  • Understands that the mentor will not find you a job
*If you are not selected for mentorship, program staff will follow up with you on other services that may be applicable to you. If you are at the beginning of your studies, have never conducted a job search, or are unsure where to begin, meeting with a Career Specialist with BCIT Student Associations Career Services is a great start. If you are new to Canada or the Lower Mainland, have no knowledge of the industry here, or are indecisive on where to go in your industry, conducting Informational Interviews may be the best start to your search.

Tell Me More about being a Mentor

Program Requirements:

  • Minimum 1 year of experience/entrepreneurial experience in your current industry
  • Share professional experience and your challenges and successes
  • Demonstrate experience in a supportive and encouraging professional relationship (eg. formal mentorship program, managing employees, etc)
  • Available to connect with the mentee a minimum of two (2) hours per month for the duration of the program (6 months)
  • Act as a sounding board and support a mentee in meeting their career goals

Top 5 Reasons To Be A Mentor:

  1. Enhance your leadership skills
  2. Pay it forward and share your passion, talents and expertise with others
  3. Expand your network by connecting with mentees and fellow mentors
  4. Exchange new perspectives and fresh ideas with your mentee
  5. Contribute to your mentees’ success

Application Process:

  • Complete an application form – Application Deadline November 30, 2019.
  • Intake phone interview
  • Attend a Mentor Training Session
  • Receive a bio of your mentee (if matched successfully)
  • Attend the Kickoff Event to meet your mentee
  • If you have any questions or would like more information, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time during my studies at BCIT to apply for the mentorship prorgam?

The best time to apply is when you are 1 year out from graduating from your studies. Currently, you are likely active in your job and career search and ready to use the benefits of mentorship. Mentees are expected to be proactive and lead this relationship and be ready to act on the suggestions from their mentor. If you are just starting out in your studies, you may not be ready to engage in job/career search activities.

With that being said, first-year students may benefit as well, during their second term (we require the student to have at least 1 term completed). The student must feel confident that they are ready for mentorship and begin actively participating in their career search.

If you are studying part-time while working part or full time, we ask that you consider the time and work commitment the mentorship program asks. If you are confident that you can commit to adding more activities to your personal schedule and that you’ll be able to manage your time and commitments well, this may a good fit for you.

What are the common goals mentees and mentors work on together?

Mentees will bring with them at least 3 goals they want to work on with their mentors. This could include exploring the industry, expanding your knowledge on the industry, improve your networking goals, create a portfolio or update your resume and cover letter to name a few. During mentee training, staff will ensure that all mentees have goals in mind to work on with their mentor based on the smart goals criteria.

(SMART = specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, timely)

Can i participate in the program more than once?

No. Students can only participate in the program once during their studies, even if they decide to change programs. The best time for you to participate is when you are ready to commit, clear on your career goals, active in your job and career search and know what you want to work on with your mentor.