Mentoring is not just teaching or counseling – it involves fostering a mentee’s relationship with a person of experience and helping them prepare for the future. It is a continuous relationship of learning and growing for both mentees and mentors. The BCIT Student Association provides mentorship in Career Services, Entrepreneurial Services and for School of Business: International

Career Mentorship

The BCIT Student Association Career Mentorship Program is a FREE program designed to give students the opportunity to pair up with an industry professional over six months. The mentor’s role is to help the mentee meet their Career goals, as well as provide them with guidance in business and academic strategies. This program is a great way to get objective and unvarnished advice from an industry professional.


Being a mentee is an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. In order to make the most out of the mentorship relationship, a mentee should show the willingness to learn and be prepared for each meeting. Ongoing commitment and minimum program expectations are required to remain in the program. Refer to the Career Mentorship process here.

Benefits of Being a Mentee

Explore your industry and potential career options.
Have access to valuable advice from a professional in your field.
Gain tools and the knowledge to overcome challenges.
Be well-equipped to transition smoothly into employment in your field.
Build a professional network.

Requirements for a Mentee

Be committed to a six month mentoring relationship.
Meet your mentor two hours each month (one of these hours is face-to-face).
Attend a three hour training and Kick-Off Event.
Complete and submit a SMART Goal Setting worksheet.
Attend one of our “How to be a Goal Digger” – SMART Goal Setting workshops.
Submit a monthly summary of what you achieved.

How Do I Become a Mentee?

There are two 6 month intakes– the Fall intake (November to April) and Winter intake (February to July). Applications are now OPEN for the Fall 2017 intake (November to April). If you are interested in being a mentee apply here.


Do you want to make a positive influence on the next generation? Volunteering your time in the Career Mentorship Program may be the opportunity you are looking for.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

Develop and practice a more personal style of leadership.
Practice and refine your coaching, leadership, and communicative skills.
Build contacts within your industry and professional network.
Get involved in your community and help build brighter futures for students.

Requirements for a Mentor

At least one year of employment in your current industry.
Attend a 1.5 hour training in the evening to learn how to have an effective mentoring relationship.
Attend the Kick-Off Event at the beginning of the intake.
Be committed to a six month mentoring relationship.
Meet your mentee two hours each month (one of these hours is face-to-face).
Act as a sounding board and support your mentee in their career goals.
Provide advice, feedback, and share your experiences with your mentee

How Do I Become a Mentor?

Volunteer to be a mentor today! We accept mentors in all industries. Click here to fill out our intake form.

For more information or questions email