Happy New Year! September Resolutions


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Summer is over and a new year begins … a new school year, that is. For many of us, for many years, September back-to-school routines signaled new beginnings and inspired fresh starts. This phenomenon has been dubbed the Fresh Start Effect which suggests we’re keen to adopt new habits and make changes at natural transition points in our lives – like the start of a new school year.

Why not take advantage of this effect by creating some new school year resolutions (aka goals) to help you get – and keep on track for a successful and rewarding semester? Here’s a few tips:


To get started, ask yourself some important questions:

  • What do I want to achieve this semester? Next semester?
  • What do I want to start or do more of/less of?
  • What’s my focus? My priority?
Create a plan

With these thoughts in mind, create your plan to keep you focused and moving forward. Use the tried and tested SMART goal-setting criteria to make sure your goals are clear and reachable. If your goals are around career preparation, connect with a BCIT Student Association Career Specialist today. Seriously, don’t wait.

Get organized

Pick up the tools you need from pens and notebooks to your BCIT SA Student Guide from SE02. Be sure to read each course syllabus carefully and ensure you’ve got all you need now to avoid scrambling later. Keep in mind that there are resources to help you succeed such as Peer Tutoring and study skills support through BCIT’s Learning Commons.

Expand your network

We get it. You’re super focused on your studies – and you need to be. Let’s remember the big picture and likely your ‘ultimate’ goal for being at BCIT; to get a top-class education and land a great job. Now is the time to build your network of contacts and prepare for your transition from school to work or to your next professional step if you’re already working. Your classmates and instructors are part of your network and why not expand it to potential employers and industry professionals? Register on Career Track to keep informed of employer events such as information sessions, panels and Career Fairs.

Be healthy

Trying to balance the ‘intense’ life of a BCIT student with responsibilities in your personal life (and hey, everyone needs a social life) can be a challenge. Look after your physical and mental health by taking advantage of the many wellness opportunities such as Zen Lounge massages, paint nights and doggy de-stress. And of course, use your free fitness centre membership and other Rec Services perks.

Happy New School Year … and September resolution-making!