DTC WORKSHOP – Career Transition and Planning for International Students and Newcomers – February 11, 2019

Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: Downtown Campus – Room 420

As a newcomer to Canada, you need a strategy for managing your Canadian career journey. You may be transitioning from a successful career in your home country, or BCIT may be your first post-secondary education experience. Either way, your plan should include career goals in addition to your education goals to ensure you are successfully prepared to enter the Canadian job market. This workshop will help you:

– Identify career exploration tools and sources for labour market research
– Understand how foreign credentials and work experience transfer for
Canadian employers
– Learn how to gain relevant experience and qualifications
– Set goals for career planning

This workshop is open to all BCIT students and alumni

*Please respect our time. If you cannot attend this workshop, please cancel your registration on Career Track.


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