BCIT Faculty, Instructors & Staff

Career Services is a new and exciting endeavor at the Student Association with services focusing on career education, student development and connecting students to relevant employers.

We specialize in employment and labour market trends specific to each BCIT school. Find out which Career Specialist works with your school by visiting the Contact Us link on this website.

Career Specialists help students with their career needs by providing workshops, one on one support and facilitating education-based and employer networking events. Contact them to find out how they can support you and your students. We are happy to provide in-class orientations to our services.

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Working With Employers

Developing relationships with employers over the coming years is a priority and we look forward to working collaboratively with all of the programs and schools at BCIT to do this. We can help your key industry contacts with their recruiting strategies and help them to connect with students. Some of the services we offer to employers include:

Industry Days: Industry-specific career and recruitment events
Industry Week and Employer Information Sessions
Industry Connections: networking and educational events specific to the needs of each school
Information Tables
Mentorship and volunteer opportunities
Space for company workshops and training
Customized and industry-specific events
Meeting rooms and conference space for information sessions, interviewing and recruitment activities

Contact us for more information.