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Adaptation is a key skill for any successful career, but so is self-care. Distancing precautions during COVID-19 provide fertile ground to keep developing the skill of adaption and resilience. Still, you may be feeling the need to pause, collect your thoughts, and care for your wellness. There’s no shame in taking time to regroup, and when you’re ready, getting back on track.

As workforces around the globe are impacted, the job market may also be pausing to figure out how to adapt. Some employers are moving ahead with their recruitment, while others are slowing down to assess the landscape. Companies who are actively hiring will be relying more than ever on remote processes. As companies and workers brace for new developments, it can be challenging for people to stay motivated and roll with changes. Here’s a look at some ways to adapt and thrive in your career development during this period of uncertainty.


Give yourself time to adjust—we all need it. Looking after our wellbeing is an integral part of adaptation, which allows us to then build resilience by renewing our commitment to move forward. Apply this to tackling your career development challenges to ensure you aren’t sitting stagnant for too long. If you’re not sure where to begin, review our job search readiness checklist to determine your learning goals. Another way to assess your development needs is to book an appointment with a Career Specialist. We’re eager to continue working with BCIT students and alumni and support them in their goals, remotely.


You have fewer excuses than ever to not network since you can do so without leaving your home! This is the one-and-only time you’ll hear Career Specialists not urging job seekers to ramp up their offline networking strategy. Let’s identify the ways you can still connect with your industry. You’ll notice a lot of networking sources are still planning events digitally. A quick look at shows that many groups are meeting from a distance, like this Data Science Meetup.

If you’ve been slacking on your LinkedIn game, now’s the perfect time to polish your profile and start searching for connections. We have tips and tricks to find and reach out to potential contacts in the LinkedIn section of our Resources page.


Phone and video conferencing apps are already highly used in the interviewing process, so now’s a great time to get comfortable with these tools. Check out this resource on preparing for different interview formats to guide you for success. An important note about phone interviews is that without facial expressions and body language, your tone of voice takes centre stage for communicating meaning and feeling. The tone of your voice can communicate professionalism, energy, and confidence… or it can tell the listener a different story. This blog post takes a deeper dive into the topic of phone communication.

For video conferencing on apps like Skype and Teams, most of the usual recommendations for in-person interviews apply, including dressing appropriately and preparing effectively. Dressing for success is no less important for remote interviews. Before any remote interview, test your technology and ensure your space is free from distractions.

For both phone and video interviews, practice makes perfect. So book your appointment with a Career Specialist now!


If you’re finished school and in active job search mode, you might have a little extra time on your hands. Fill that time with professional development through free or cheap online learning. Check out this list of online education sites. Aside from helping you build new skills, this strategy can help you stay sharp by keeping those mental muscles working. It’s also evidence to an employer that you are committed to your growth.


If you are seeing a slow down for hiring in your sector or have been laid off due to the pandemic, you may be looking for some short-term income ideas. Grocery store workers and delivery drivers will be in high demand, so look to your local providers for opportunities. Now is also a good time to remind your network of what skills you have to offer. If you’re a great cook, then meal-prepping and delivery is an excellent service to offer. Offer a subscription service to a remote yoga or meditation class for folks who can’t get to their gym during distancing precautions. If you’re not feeling the entrepreneurial route, here are some additional remote work suggestions:

Online Tutoring:

Academic: Chegg Tutoring and VIP Kid



Remote Work Sites:

We’re hoping the above suggestions will help keep you moving forward, but times of change also bring about feelings of uncertainty and confusion. It’s understandable if your productivity and motivation levels are low. BCITSA Career Specialists are here to work with you to troubleshoot your unique challenges and help you stay motivated to move forward. Don’t hesitate to reach out and share your career goals and challenges with us.