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With the days getting longer and spring around the corner—things are looking up! But let’s take a moment to address a less sunny topic that we face in Career Services every day: the job search blues. Forging a new career path or searching for that next opportunity is an exciting time of growth and forward-thinking. A very normal, sometimes very uncomfortable, part of that journey is the roller coaster of emotions that many jobseekers experience on the path to success. Acknowledging this part of career development and job search is important for several reasons. Career Services is here to help job seekers build resilience and career development skills for success… read on for some inspiration!

It happens to just about everyone.

You’re not a failure, and you’re not alone. People with decades of experience, new grads with no experience, and everyone in between will likely experience some frustration, confusion, and discouragement in their job search. Even confident, highly skilled job seekers can feel very demoralized during this time. We’ve seen it all! By normalizing this, the hope is that job seekers can stop blaming themselves for these feelings and gain motivation to access support. If feelings around job search become overwhelming, then BCIT Counselling might be a great first step. Professional counsellors at BCIT teach coping strategies and offer many techniques for helping students manage stress and improve self-esteem.

You definitely don’t need to get through it alone.

Because having the job search blues is so common, a lot of people can relate. That confident, employed person walking down the street in their suit and tie? I bet they remember facing rejection several times as a new graduate not long ago. Many people can empathize with the difficulty of job search: the rejection, the ups and downs of the market, the anxiety around interviews. There’s no need to pretend this process is a breeze. It’s a challenge that will build resilience and perseverance, and making use of resources and building a supportive network is key.

People WANT to support you—seriously!

Not to get all mushy, but the Career Specialists at BCITSA love supporting students and alumni to find success. Helping people is our passion. We do this by working with job seekers to troubleshoot job search strategies, connect people with industry, and hone career skills and professionalism. Visit us sooner, rather than later. Spend less time banging your head against the wall alone, and more time making progress and giving us high fives for your victories. Other people want to support you, too. Industry professionals who volunteer in our Mentorship Program want to give back so that they can help others overcome the job search blues. Employers who visit BCIT for events are recruiting talent, but they also have good reason to offer advice and encouragement to job seekers. Employers recognize that career success takes time, patience, resilience, and often a pinch of luck.

If you’re not feeling motivated by the end of this read, book an appointment on Career Track. Getting some face time with someone who understands what your going through can be a great start to finding some relief. We can help re-frame your setbacks and help you with practical strategies to move forward. We can’t wait to meet you!