Start a Club

If you’ve gone through the list of active & dormant clubs and still haven’t found one that catches your eye, then you might want to consider starting your own student club. Being part of a club is a great way to meet new people, have fun while busy with classes, and leave your mark at the BCIT community.

Interested yet???

If so, here is the list of documents you’ll need to get your own club off the ground.

Sanctioning Application for Clubs 2019/2020     Steps for BCITSA Club Sanctioning     Start a Club FAQ

We’ve also included Steps to Starting a Club & the Starting a Club FAQ’s in the following sections of this page.

Clubs Links

Room Booking

Request space on campus

Event Funding Application

Request funding for club events

Event Request Form

Request materials for a clubs event

Steps for Sanctioning a Club

Step 1 – Consult the FAQ section on starting a club, and/or speak with the Club Program Coordinator about your club proposal.

Step 2 – Complete and submit the application to start a new club. Submit completed package to the Club Program Coordinator at This will be reviewed with the VP Student Experience.

Step 3 – Next, you will be invited to represent the interests of your club at a Clubs Committee meeting. At least one member must represent your club at the Clubs Committee.

Step 4 – After a brief 5-minute presentation about your club and its general operations, members of the Clubs Committee may ask questions to clarify the proposal of the club or request further information.

Step 5 – The Clubs Committee will vote on whether to recommend the club be formally sanctioned under BCITSA. That recommendation will be communicated to Student Council, who will vote on a motion to approve or deny sanctioning of the club.

Step 6 – You will be notified of the decision by the Club Program Coordinator. If approved as a club, there will be an orientation session scheduled with the Club Program Coordinator which will include:

  • Overview of clubs Bylaws and Policies regarding clubs rights and responsibilities
  • Assistance with creating your Club’s Constitution document, which the club will operate under.
  • Instructions on getting administrative support, such as room bookings, accounting, event management, and information on other resources.

Step 7 – Submit a completed constitution document to the Club Program Coordinator for approval, before receiving any Student Association benefits/funding.  This must be submitted within 30 days after sanctioning from council.  If not received, the issue will be brought forward to Council and your club will be desanctioned.

Please contact the Clubs Program Coordinator in the SA Centre, building SE2, or at or 778-331-1328 if you have any questions.

Starting a club – FAQs

Can I start a club if there is already a similar club active at BCIT?

In order to avoid unnecessary competition, students should try to collaborate with existing clubs if they have similar goals or activities. Reach out to existing clubs to find out how you can work together.

What kinds of questions will the Clubs Committee ask about our club?

The Clubs Committee wants to determine whether the proposed club will enhance student life at BCIT and serve the needs of the student population. They also want to know that you’ve put a lot of thought into starting this club. They may ask:

  • What kinds of events or activities does the club plan on holding?
  • Is this club of interest to students across the school, or only from a specific program?
  • What kind of fundraising will the club do to support its activities?
  • What need or purpose does your club address at BCIT?
  • What are some challenges or obstacles the club might face?

What support does the Student Association at BCIT offer clubs?

Sanctioned clubs can rent space on campus for free, get discounts at Campus Print, receive event support, access to funding, and much more.  Clubs must be in compliance with BCIT and SA policies and procedures to be eligible for this support.

What happens if our club isn’t successful?

If the club doesn’t take off, it will be de-sanctioned after a period of inactivity or incompliance. Any club assets will be held in trust by the Student Association.