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Our student clubs make an enormous contribution to campus life and provide opportunities for industry engagement, organizational experience, and tons of fun.

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Aboriginal Culture Club

The BCIT Aboriginal Culture Club is a student-run organization for any student on campus who is interested in Indigenous culture, history, issues, or activities. The members of this club are First Nations, Metis, Inuit, non-Indigenous, and come from many different backgrounds and experience. Through traditional teachings and practices we aim to provide a platform in which to connect the BCIT community.

Advancing Productivity, Innovation, & Competitive Success (APICS)

The APICS BCIT Student Chapter is a student-run organization with members from the two-year Business Operations Management Diploma program. APICS stands for “Advancing Productivity, Innovation and Competitive Success”.

Architectural Connections

The purpose of this club is to foster connections for the students interested in architecture at BCIT. Connections between classmates, connections between the diploma and degree architectural programs, connections between students and educators, connections between education and the industry, and connections between past students (alumni) and current students. This organization is a stepping stone in giving students a voice to organize events, improve their education and, a greater sense of unity in the architectural programs to create a legacy for future architectural students.

Association of Muslim Students

The Association of Muslim Students is a student club dedicated to be a resource on Islam and hosts various social, academic and humanitarian events. Club activities include hosting Friday prayer services, presentations, social events, and food drives.

BC Financial Planning Association

This club aims to connect finance students to each other and also to potential employers in the finance industry. We are here to open up your career possibilities by bringing in company overview events with various financial firms, and to broaden your career options.

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BCIT Anime Club

Started in 2013, the club brings fans of anime and manga together at the British Columbia Institute of Technology Burnaby campus. New members are always welcome! We meet regularly, so email us to get involved.

BCIT Dungeons & Dragons

Let your imagination roam free and join the BCIT Dungeons and Dragons Club! Whether you’re brand new or experienced at the game, come play with us as we delve into the fantasy worlds of adventure.

BCIT Engineering Students’ Society (BCIT ESS)

The BCIT Engineering Students’ Society (BCIT ESS) is a partnership between Mechanical, Electrical and Civil engineering students, brought together to enrich the life of all BCIT engineering students by coordinating social events, interdisciplinary projects, competitions, and professional seminars.

BCIT Game Development Club

We are a collective of cool cats interested in developing games of all kinds. No programming or game development experience required!

BCIT Human Resources Association

The Human Resources Association (HRA) is a student-led group committed to providing students who are interested in a career in the field of Human Resource Management with networking and other opportunities to aid in the transition from university to career. We strive to:

  • Create awareness of the HR profession and current developments in the HR field
  • Establish a connection between students, alumni, business and HR Professionals to create networking opportunities
  • Provide an enriched foundation for social interaction and support for the HR Management students at BCIT.


BCIT is the first polytechnic to be invited to western Canada’s premier business competition, JDC West. Every year, 600 students from 12 top business schools attend this highly-competitive and dynamic event. In preparation, student competitors undergo industry training which gives them a unique set of tools to excel professionally.

Widely recognized by industry as representing the brightest business students in the country, JDC West is a one-way ticket to your dream job.

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BCIT Racing

BCIT Racing is a student team that participates in international collegiate design competitions hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Each season, students are challenged to design and manufacture a durable, economic, and competitive off-road vehicle, present it to judges, and then subject it to dynamic testing and endurance racing.

The club’s mission is to represent BCIT in high-level competition, raising the profile of the school’s engineering programs on an international level. Additionally, BCIT Racing aims to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and mentorship between students in multiple programs and levels, as they work together towards a common goal.

BCIT Real Estate Association

The BCIT Real Estate Association (REA) is a student run organization passionate about personal development, learning and real estate. Our goal is to facilitate a greater learning opportunity and experience for students through connecting with industry professionals.

BCIT Sustainability Initiative (BCIT SI)

The Sustainability Initiative is a student-run club. Our mandates are to encourage waste reduction on campus, to facilitate conversations on minimizing our ecological footprint, and to spread awareness about sustainability in order to share our passion for the environment with the BCIT community. We hope to reduce the waste produced on the BCIT campus by identifying current problem areas and developing viable solutions. Additionally, we hope to sow the seeds of innovation within the student community by providing a welcoming platform to share inspired perspectives and ideas.

BCIT Toastmasters

Learn how Toastmasters present fearlessly. Join us for a supportive, casual, and fun take on public speaking! Toastmasters International is a world-wide not-for-profit organization that helps adults improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

BCIT University Christian Ministries

BCIT UCM is a student club that holds small group meetings, Bible studies, and other events on the Burnaby campus. Our purpose is to build a Christian community that will enhance our relationship with God, care for and encourage fellow believers, and share our experience of Jesus Christ with those around us. All are welcome!

BCIT Women in Engineering (BCIT WiE)

The BCIT Women in Engineering club’s goals are to promote engineering careers for women at BCIT and in the industry in general, and to provide a support group for women who are in school for engineering through participating and organizing community events, promoting at high schools, and organizing a mentoring program.

BCIT-UBC Biotechnology Club

The Biotechnology Club was founded in 2008 with the focus of bridging the gap between BCIT and UBC students in the Biotechnology program. The purpose of this club is the bring perspective and experience to the current students and to unite the Biotechnology community through social and networking events.

BCITSA Risk Society

This club creates a forum for industry leaders and students to interact with the key trends and factors that face the risk and insurance industry. Creating these connections gives students a firsthand look at all aspects and careers within the insurance and risk management industries.

Bliss and Wisdom Club

We strive to broaden our minds by caring for the world and all the living beings. We are passionate about contributing positive impact to our society.
Join us, together, we can change the world!

Business Information Technology Management (BITMAN)

The BITMAN association’s mission is to act as a conduit between our members and the IT Industry, building strong relationships that will be mutually beneficial for the industry and the students.

Business Management Association

The Business Management Association engages management students in the practical application of program concepts through brand development workshops, networking, and creating value through partnerships. Although leadership positions are restricted to students of the Business Management Diploma, membership is welcome to all students at BCIT. Our events focus on improving your brand and your network. Members are encouraged to get involved with their own success by participating and collaborating.

Check us out at:

Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE)

The BCIT Student Chapter of the CSCE is a student club with the mandate to forge ties between students and the engineering community. We are students in BCIT’s Civil Engineering program who are interested in raising the profile of civil engineering with our peers and industry. We also support student involvement in national and international engineering competitions, technical seminars, and industry events.

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME)

The aim of BCIT Mechanical Engineering Student Society is to foster relationships and bring together mechanical engineering students, faculty and professionals by way of academic, social and recreational events.

Coding For All

We are a club geared towards making coding fun. We focus on instilling that technology is enjoyable and impressive. Through holding teaching/ mentoring events for a younger generation, we will bring prospective students together with current students. These social activities will build confidence to pursue a computer science education.

Enactus BCIT

Enactus BCIT is one of 1600 Enactus teams worldwide that focus on the creation and implementation of community empowerment projects that address the triple bottom line. While involved in Enactus BCIT, students can gain experience in project management, planning events, and building business plans, as well as network with Vancouver business people and like-minded students.

Engineers Without Borders BCIT student chapter

The EWB BCIT chapter is committed to bringing positive social change to BCIT. By raising awareness on important issues such as development and fair trade, this club will help create more globally minded individuals. The EWB is also committed to bridging the gap between different engineering disciplines, as well as bring students together from different programs which may not be engineering related.

English Corner

English Corner is an informal space to practice conversational English and make new friends. At English Corner participants share their ideas and discover ways to build community. English Corner is facilitated by trained volunteers.

The group meets every Wednesday @ 3 pm on the library main floor.

Drop-ins are welcome.

eSports Club

BCIT eSports association is a student run gaming group that strives to connect student through across multiple video game titles and share the passion of eSports in BCIT.

We host tournaments, viewing parties, and much more!

IEEE BCIT Student Branch

IEEE stands for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. At BCIT our Student Branch represents students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program.

International Business Management Program

IBMP was founded in 2012. The purpose of the club was and still is to enhance the learning experience of international business students.

International Social Club

The BCIT International Social Club aims to serve the international student community at BCIT by providing social events that bring students together to have fun, learn about other cultures, network,  and to support each other while away from home. It is a place to meet friends from around the world while here at BCIT!

View our facebook page here:

MakerSpace Club

Have an idea, but nowhere to bring it to life? Do you need access to prototyping equipment to test an idea? Come join our community of like-minded makers! We have equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters to help students bring projects to life.

Marketing Association (BCIT MA)

Our mission is to be the premier professional marketing association of choice that provides networking access in a fun environment and that supports its members with a central source of marketing education on leading edge topics. As a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), BCITMA has throughout the years provided professional development for its members in the field of business and marketing.

Maximum Altitude Club

Maximum Altitude is the first Aviation Club at BCIT. Established at the Aerospace Campus in December 2010, we strive to promote aviation through related events and gatherings. We welcome all students and alumni to join and participate in all club events. Moreover, through these events, we hope to share and exchange not only experiences, but also friendship and networking opportunities.

Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is an ambitious and well-connected organization consisting of over 23,000 members with 71 chapters and clubs worldwide. MPI BCIT is a student chapter of MPI. Through strategic planning and implementation, BCIT MPI offers individuals the opportunity to meet their career goals.

Sea Shanty Club- BCIT Marine Campus

Whether you are interested in being a buccaneer or a simple sailor, you won’t be able to get by without this simple knowledge of sea shanties. If you are interested in life at sea and have some study time, this is the club for you!

Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

The SER at BCIT is a student group under the Society for Ecological Restoration International. We present opportunities for networking, skills training in ecological restoration and applied ecology, as well as guest speakers and social events.

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering promotes the development, acquisition, and exchange of professional knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering. Our student club assists in doing this by hosting technical seminars, supporting student competitions and social events, and mostly help develop networks between the BCIT students, faculty, and industry.

The Financial Management Association

Have you ever wondered what it would really be like to be a real financial professional? Well instead of waiting until after you’ve graduated to get a taste of the accounting or finance industry, we have made it our goal to get students involved now!

Dormant Clubs

Net Impact BCIT

Net Impact is a leading non-profit that empowers a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in the workplace and the world. At the heart of our community are over 40,000 student and professional leaders from over 300 volunteer-led chapters across the globe working for a sustainable future.

Crime Analysis and Investigations Association (CAIA)

Crime Analysis and Investigations Association (CAIA) has just come to BCIT! At CAIA, like-minded individuals work together on researching and exploring crime-related issues in Vancouver.

Geomatics Student Society Club

Description coming soon…

Legacy Club

BCIT Legacy Club is a club formed in order to improve and beautify the BCIT Burnaby campus. We hope to empower and connect students who are willing to put their efforts toward projects that will improve our campus in multiple aspects.  All BCIT students and alumni are eligible to be a member of the Legacy Club.

BCIT Mobile App Development

The BCIT Mobile App Development Club helps students learn how to develop their own apps and introduce them to the mobile app development community. This is a great way to build your portfolio and add to your resume!

Technically Queer

This is a social group and resource for LGBT students and queer-allies who want to make BCIT’s campus more inclusive. Students can participate in this club by starting a mailing list for students to get connected, organize events, or assist with BCIT’s participation in the Vancouver Pride Parade.

BCIT Bitcoins

Our goal is to provide the resources peoples want to get the information they need to get involved with the Bitcoin network. Come join BCIT Bitcoins to learn more about the potential that Bitcoin holds to make lasting social, political, and economic change in our world.