The Intrapreneur Edge

Stand out to Employers

Entrepreneurship is not limited to starting your own business and being the boss. Entrepreneurship can involve intrapreneurship, which is using entrepreneurial skills within a large company. Entrepreneurial Services offer a 3-month intrapreneur program where participants learn leadership, decision-making, goal setting, creative problem-solving, resourcefulness, and networking skills. Upon completion, participants will receive ‘The Intrapreneur Edge’ program completion certificate.

Program Requirements

The program will run from January 22nd – April 7th, 2018 with applications and interviews taking place in January. Upon the completion, students will be given “The Intrapreneur Edge” Certificate.

Program Outline:

  1. Online activities (Five, approximately 30 minute long workshops and activities) covering:
    1. What is Intrapreneurship?
    2. Entrepreneurial skills like innovation, creativity, resourcefulness, networking, flexibility and adaptability.
    3. How are entrepreneurial skills used in the workplace?
    4. Self-Reflection activities and idea pad
  2. In-person events:
    1. Think Like an Entrepreneur Workshop: Jan 29th 2018
    2. Just Sayin’ Entrepreneur Panel Series: Disruptive Innovation: Feb. 8th 2018
    3. Fireside Chat with Intrapreneurs: Feb. 22nd 2018
    4. Case Study Competition: March 22nd 2018
  3. Certificate distribution ceremony: April 7th in Leadership Conference

Program Commitment

  • Attend 3 in-person events (2 hours each)
  • Complete 5, approx. 30 min long online workshops and activities
  • Participate in a 2 hrs long case study competition

This program is open to only BCIT students (part time/full time).

Applications are currently closed until Sept 2018, but in the meantime check out our upcoming events: