Hacking the Startup Life

On or off campus, you can always be connected with entrepreneurs through our Podcast Series. Listen to fun, engaging, relatable, and out-of-the-box conversations with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in Entrepreneurial Service’s Podcast Series. Each podcast episode will provide you with helpful hacks to start up your own business and include fun segments that will keep you engaged and entertained. Take the podcast with you anywhere to hear entertaining stories on the life of entrepreneurs!

Episode 6

Shedding a Light On Employees with Adam Wicks

Episode 5

Setting Sales: When to Depart from Your Career to Pursue the E-ship Life

Episode 4

The Nastiest CFL Player Tackling Mental Health as an Entrepreneur

Episode 3

Balancing Studies and Business by Whatever Beans Necessary

Episode 2

Staying Afloat & Succeeding with the Right Business Partner

Episode 1

It’s Cool to be Back to School