Your Personal Sounding Board

The BCITSA Mentorship Program includes Career and Entrepreneurship Mentorship streams. The Entrepreneurship stream is designed to give entrepreneurial students and alumni an opportunity to connect with and learn from experienced entrepreneurs. Mentees will meet with their mentors on a regular basis in order to ask questions, gain insight, and get support to meet their business goals.

Program Details & Requirements

  • The total length of the program is six months, involving one in-person meeting per month of at least one hour.
  • The program is designed to be mentee-driven, meaning our mentees are expected to take the initiative for the relationship.
  • Mentees are responsible for connecting with their mentors, scheduling meetings, providing meeting agendas to their mentor before meetings, and coming prepared with topics and discussion points.
  • The mentorship program is open to both BCIT students and alumni.

Two intakes per academic year:

Fall: September to February
Winter: February to July

Applications are now open for the next intake for the Entrepreneurship Mentorship program. Apply and find the details below.

Tell me more about being a


For you to be considered for the program, you must:

  1. Be a BCIT student (full-time or part-time) in a declared program or BCIT alumnus
  2. Have an established idea for a business product or service

You must also be willing to:

  1. Create at least three business goals to work with your mentor over the six months; Training on goal setting will be provided
  2. Meet in-person with a mentor for a minimum of one hour per month for the six months of the program
  3. Complete mandatory mentee training and monthly progress reports

Top Reasons to Join the Program

  1. Gain valuable advice from an experienced entrepreneur in your field
  2. Learn the ‘Do’s & Dont’s’ for an early start-up
  3. Develop entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in strategic and operational processes, business model/planning, funding, and other areas in line with your specific business goals
  4. Create and work towards the completion of 3 business goals
  5. Access additional resources and support to be closer to building a successful business 

Mentee Application Process

How to Apply:

  1. Complete the online application for the next intake:   Apply Here
  2. After the application deadline, you will be invited to book and attend an intake interview

Application DEADLINE for the next intake (Winter 2020: February 2020 –  July 2020): January 13, 2020 at noon.

Selection Criteria

  1. Ready for mentorship. We will help you determine if mentorship is a good fit for you or if there is another service that may be beneficial for you.
  2. Able to meet mandatory program commitments (as stated above)
  3. Understands selection is subject to mentor availability


  1. Minimum 3 years of entrepreneurial experience in founding, owning and operating a business
  2. Share professional experience and business development challenges and successes
  3. Demonstrated experience in a supportive and encouraging professional relationship (eg. formal mentorship program, managing employees, etc)
  4. Available to connect with the mentee a minimum of 2 hours per month for the duration of the program (6 months)
  5. Act as a sounding board and support a mentee in meeting their entrepreneurial goals

Top 5 Reasons to be a Mentor

  1. Enhance your leadership skills
  2. Pay it forward and share your passion, talents and expertise with others
  3. Expand your network by connecting with mentees and fellow mentors
  4. Exchange new perspectives and fresh ideas with your mentee
  5. Contribute to your mentees’ success

Mentor Application Process

  1. Complete the online application – Apply Here
  2. Attend a Mentor Training Session
  3. Receive a bio of your mentee (if matched successfully)
  4. Attend the Kickoff event to meet your Mentee