So You Wanna Be an Entrepreneur?

Think you got the chops to be an entrepreneur? This monthly exploratory and interactive workshop dives into the realities and fundamentals involved in becoming an entrepreneur, including: profiles of an entrepreneur, basic steps to starting up, key success factors, and next steps. If you wanna be an entrepreneur now or in the future, this workshop will give you the details to get you started.

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BYOB* for Trades (*Build Your Own Business)

Are you a Trades student or alumni tired of working for the boss? Do YOU wanna create your own business and be the boss? This workshop will help you nail down if starting a business is for you. Dig into the basics of owning and operating a trade business and the lifestyle of being an entrepreneur. We’ll share with you the blueprint to get you started!

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Ask an Expert Series

You’ve got your million dollar idea, but you still have burning questions on how to execute it? Through our Ask an Expert Series, guest speakers provide interactive and engaging workshops or panel seminars on topic areas relevant to entrepreneurs, including social media and online marketing, financing, intellectual property, and prototyping and product design.  Lawyers, marketers, financial managers and engineers will share their unique expertise. Come in with your questions, come out with new knowledge and sound advice!

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