Question 14

By: MB


Posted On: April 16, 2019

The Question:

The prof has an attendance requirement in his course outline stating if you miss more than 10% of classes you can receive a U grade. So it makes sense he can fail you if you miss more than 10% of classes. But is it fair for him to give people that showed up to one class an extra 5%? Even if the people that missed class only missed 2.6% of classes?

The Answer:

Hi there – thanks so much for your question.
It’s a little difficult to answer this question without knowing the course or seeing the course outline, but we’ll try! First of all, we would argue that if a student was failed in a course for their lack of attendance it would be wise for the student to contact their instructor, and then maybe the associate dean to discuss this, as this makes that 10% attendance mark worth 100% of the student’s grade. This would be something that could certainly be challenged, but again it’s difficult to give a complete answer with the limited information here. As to the fairness of your instructor giving 5% to students who showed up to one class that really is at your instructor’s discretion, but again, we don’t really have enough information to provide a thorough response.

Please feel free to come and see us to chat more about it, ok? We’d like to make sure that we provide you with the most informative and factual response that we can.

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