Question 13

By: MB


Posted On: April 12, 2019

The Question:

Two professors gave attendance quizzes on the same day. For those who decided to skip class to study for an upcoming midterm, the first professor is going to drop their final grade by 2% and the second professor is going to deduct 10% from their next midterm. However, neither professor had quizzes on their syllabus and did not provide appropriate notice. Are they allowed to do such thing?

The Answer:

Thank you for your question. This question has a lot of moving parts, so we’ll do our best to answer them all. As per policy 5101 Student Regulations, “In situations having a requirement for in-person attendance, instructors… must be seen by the students to be documenting attendance”. If the course outlines make note that attendance will form part of a grade, then instructors are within their rights to monitor and record it. If the course outline does not specify this, an argument can be made that students were not given advanced notice that lack of attendance may affect their grade, and therefore cannot be penalized through grade deduction if they miss class. Dropping a final grade by 2% and/or deducting 10% from the next midterm does not follow BCIT policy or procedure, and we recommend bringing this issue to your Associate Dean for clarification.

All that being said, students are expected to attend each class (lab, lecture, seminar, etc…) as attendance “is seen as integral to student success”. While instructors “should ensure that students are advised of all attendance and other requirements at the beginning of each course”, they’re not doing so is not an invitation to ‘skip class’ regardless of reason.

We hope that clarifies the situation, but should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office.

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